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Friday people: Rebecca McKinney

We ask personalities about the special relationships in their lives

By Kerry McKittrick

The 27-year-old is a personal stylist and is currently Pete Snodden’s Cool FM breakfast show co-host. She lives in Belfast.

My best friends

I have lots of close friends but two of my oldest pals I've known for 15 years. I went to Strathearn School with Lucy Quee and Victoria Brown.

Lucy is due to have a baby in the next couple of days and we're all so excited because we almost feel like we're going to be aunties.

I've also got very close to the model Jayne Higgins through my fashion career.

I booked Jayne for her very first campaign and this weekend I'll be going down to Dublin to support her in the Miss Ireland pageant.

Jayne is like a little sister to me because she's a bit younger and I've just finished styling her for the contest.

My parents, Valerie and John

My parents are both teachers – my dad in Campbell College and my mum in Strathearn, although she didn't actually teach me.

They're still working, loving their jobs and I think I got my passion for hard work from them. They're a great support to myself and my brother in our careers.

My younger brother James is a professional rugby player. He was signed to Ulster for the last couple of years but he's just moved over to England to play for a team there. We're very close because there's only the two of us and we were even flatmates at one time. I really miss him but it's brilliant that he's been able to go off and follow his career path.

My parents know that I'm career-focused and keen to keep progressing.

Broadcasting is something that I've wanted to do for a long time but the way it has happened was quite organic.

My parents are really excited about it because I'm really excited about it.

Who I go to for advice

My dad is the wisest person I know. I trust him implicitly and would always go to him.

My secret crush is ... Olly Murs

He's a cheeky chappy who makes me smile all the time. He's played in Belfast a couple of times but I still haven't managed to meet him.

My mentors

Lauren Campbell and Laura McPolin, who I met through working for Victoria Square, have had a lot of belief in me professionally and have been a huge support. Although Laura doesn't work for Victoria Square any more we've become really close friends and they are the people I would go to about my career. In terms of broadcasting, Pete Snodden has been the most amazing mentor. He feels like a big brother and has been wonderful to work with at Cool FM. It's sounds cheesy but even though I get up at 5am it's a joy to get out of bed in the morning.

My fantasy dinner party

My first guest would be Audrey Hepburn, who was the ultimate style icon. Next, I would invite Khloe Kardashian because I watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and she's hilarious. For eye candy I would ask David Beckham and finally I would have my grandpa, Jack. He was the first of my grandparents to pass away when I was very tiny. He was the one I got to spend the least time with so I'd like the chance to get to know him the way I know my other grandparents.

You can hear Rebecca and Pete Snodden on Cool FM, weekday mornings, from 6-9am

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