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Friday People: Stephen Chisholm

We ask personalities about the special relationships in their lives

By Kerry McKittrick


Luke Graham and I met in second year of Sullivan Upper School in Holywood – he went to Campbell College, Belfast, in his first year. He now works full-time for Bombardier but we've recently become housemates in Belfast.

We're both as mad and as loud as each other. I think everyone has that one person that they can be really weird with. Other people either don't understand it or try to get in on the act.

My oldest friend would be Simon Corrie – his parents and my parents were best friends. We grew up together, and I don't remember ever not knowing Simon.

He's now studying in Scotland so we don't get to keep in touch as much as we used to, but we try and have a big catch-up every couple of months.


My dad died of cancer in May 2012. He was an architect and mum is a GP.

I'm also the second of five siblings – Claire, Gareth, Patrick and Bethany – and we can't forget Simba the dog.

We're a close family as we're all of a similar sort of age. Claire is a year older and me and Bethany is 17. When my dad died it was good to have other people who were going through it at the same time.

I can imagine if you were on your own it would have been a lot worse. Being around each other helped.

My mum always encouraged me to cook and bake and she was very supportive of the Bake Off challenge. She was so excited and the only negative thing she ever said was that she didn't know if she could watch me getting criticism from the judges.

I was at home a lot during the filming of the competition and I think the family got sick of the amount of sweet stuff I prepared.

I would eat breakfast in the mornings and then live off the baking for the rest of the day. The worst week was when I made chocolate cakes – 11 of them –and eventually I couldn't taste them any more and had to get my family to judge them.


I would have usually gone to my dad in the past. Now though, increasingly I go to my mum but she can over-think things and can go off track. I listen to quite a lot of advice from my older sister Claire – she's only a year and a bit older than me but she's very down to earth.

My secret crush is... Jennifer Lawrence

At the minute it's Jennifer Lawrence. She's quite good looking but also she's very laissez-faire and treats life like a joke. She's also a huge fan of food and doesn't want to become razor thin. She's not uptight about things – I think we would get on.


In sports, I would have to choose my coaches – Jeremy Badcock in skiing and Lawrence Kelly in rugby. In baking it would be Paul Kelly (right).

He was one of the judges on the Great Irish Bake-Off and let me get some experience with him in the five-star Merrion Hotel in Dublin when the competition finished.


Firstly I would have actress Emma Stone. She is probably my other crush as well as being really funny. Actor Seth Rogen is funny too and I would love to see those two play off each other. It would make for an entertaining evening.

Morgan Freeman would be next, I love his voice so I would just ask him to narrate everything that's going on. Finally, two gastronomic guests – Michel Roux Jr and Eric Lanlard, the pattissier.

Eric trained under the Roux brothers but hasn't let fame take his focus away from what he's doing. He's a massive inspiration to me.

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