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Friday People: we chat to Larissa Watson about her special relationships

By Kerry McKittrick

The 45-year-old is the creative director of interiors and fashion brand, Goddess and Swift, which has just opened its first boutique in Commercial Court, Belfast. She has four children; Clara (19), Natalie (16), Callum (12) and Charlie (5) and lives in Belfast with her family.

  • My children

I was terrified the first time I was pregnant. I'd never been a very maternal person either, but from the moment Clara was born, I thought being a mum was brilliant – I love it.

Clara pointed out to me the other day that I've been a mother for 20 years now. Because the ages of my children are so spaced out, I get the whole spectrum – Clara might be heading off university next year but it will be a long time before Charlie does.

The fact it's all spread out over a number of years means I won't feel their absence quite so much after they go.

  • My best friends, Siobhan and Kim

I actually met Siobhan McCormick and Kim Mawhinney in my first year at art college.

I have a wide circle of friends but they're the two I'm closest to.

We've progressed through the different stages of life together; we've been pregnant and become mums at more or less the same time. We even all work in the arts together.

Kim is the head of art at the Ulster Museum and Siobhan is head of the arts at the Island Arts Centre in Lisburn.

  • My parents, Eddie and Josephine

Mum and dad are both retired now; dad was a lecturer in criminology and mum was an art teacher. I'm also the eldest of four sisters – my siblings are Mary, Eta and Anna. I think I'm closest to Anna but we do hang out together as a family.

My parents have always been very supportive of what I do and they're always ready to lend an ear so I can bounce ideas off them.

  • Who I go to for advice

There's no one person for me, as I go to different people for different kinds of advice.

My parents are always great to turn to and my sister Anna offers good guidance too.

  • My secret crush is ... Liam Neeson

That has to be Liam Neeson. I fell for him after I watched Schindler's List. He has the most wonderful voice – and, of course, he is also great looking.

  • My mentor

It would have to be my grandfather, Joe Grant. Although he passed away many years ago, he was a businessman and passed on a really great work ethic to me. From the age of about four, I was given jobs to do in my spare time in his painting and decorating firm.

He instilled in me the need to do a job once and do it well first time.

  • My fantasy dinner party

First, I'd invite Vivienne Westwood as she's always been a design icon of mine. Then, I'd invite actor and writer Stephen Fry to keep the conversation going. Next, I'd ask TV host Jonathan Ross – I've always thought he was very funny and very cheeky.

Finally, I'd ask Professor Brian Cox. He is very good looking, but he also has a real passion for what he does and I would love to hear him talk about it.

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