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Gadgets to make you happy - from world's smallest voice changer to Sumo Smackdown

By Polly Weeks

It's Blue Monday on January 18 - but it doesn't have to be the most depressing day of the year, grab one of these great gadgets and put a smile on your face instead.

Say it loud

World's Smallest Voice Changer, £6.45, from

Annoy your loved ones by only speaking to them through this tiny voice changer on Blue Monday.

It comes with four different tones and you just operate it by pushing the switch along to your chosen voice and speaking through it.

It's loud enough that everyone will be able to hear your commands (we vote for requesting a cup of tea in an alien voice), but also small enough to hide when they demand you hand it over.

Ride it out

UTICO App-Controlled Camper Van for iOS and Android, £39.99, from

If you've got a project to keep you busy on the bluest Monday of them all, it will fly - or in this case - drive by.

The base unit comes ready-made so you won't have to involve yourself with the engine, but you will need to build the rest of the camper van brick by brick, whiling away the day. The instructions are easy enough to follow and when you're done, charge it up and download the accompanying app.

Then it's a case of attaching the dongle to your audio socket on your phone and you can operate your new toy.

It comes with noises and a turbo mode so you can really burn rubber.

Plane simple

Powerup 3.0: Smartphone Controlled Paper Aeroplane, £39.99, from

If there was one thing guaranteed to trigger a smile when we were little, it was making a paper aeroplane that would actually fly and not just nosedive. Well, with this lovely little gizmo you can rediscover that joy. With a techie makeover and four plane templates, make your plane and add a few cheats to make it soar.

Stick the rudder and propeller at the back of the plane and the little computer chip at the front and via the magic of Bluetooth, you'll be able to control your magnificent flying machine via a quick turn and flick of your phone. It takes just 10 minutes to charge (and will run for 20), is waterproof and strong enough to handle bumpy landings.

Exercise your rights

Sumo Smackdown, £24.99, from

You're a few weeks into your keep-fit regime and motivation is waning, it's a bit too cold for that run and if you go to the gym you'll have to leave the sofa, so it really is a conundrum.

Why not shake things up with a sumo session? Better yet, why not manage a sumo fight so you can keep all your clothes on. With two controllers, you and a loved one can go to war with your own wrestlers, trying to hit each other's models as hard as possible in the hope of sending your opponent's sports star toppling over. Before you get playing you will need to get up and fetch some batteries (6 x AAA, 2 x 9V) - that counts as exercise right?!

Music to your ears

The Potty Piano, £17.99, from

If someone gave you a toilet mat as a present, you may well feel a little underwhelmed, but if they gave you this one you'd definitely sing a song of appreciation.

While you take a seat, you can play a ditty or two on the piano in front of you.

It comes with a songbook so if you're going to be a while, you can multi-task and learn a few tunes while you're 'busy'.

Write on

The Farting Pen Holder, £9.95, from

Granted, this isn't sophisticated, but it sure is amusing.

The pen itself is much like one you'd find in a bank, a simple contraption attached to a base with a chain. An ordinary pen with an ordinary chain.

Yet look at the base and you'll soon be chortling into your cheque book.

Shaped like buttocks, the pen slides right on into the middle and when it enters the rump a large farting noise emits.

You'll need to enjoy toilet humour to find this gizmo funny, but if that's your type of gag, this is the gift for you.

App of the Week:

Harry Hill's Doctor Doctor Jokes, free from iTunes

Not a new app, but it will certainly brighten up your day.Hear Harry Hill tell you a joke simply by tapping the screen. Shake your phone to get more jokes and if you want to join in the fun, you can add some sound effects too.

Top 10 bestselling iPhone apps

1. Heads Up! by Warner Bros.

2. Minecraft: Pocket Edition by Mojang

3. 3 KIMOJI by Whalerock Digital Media, LLC

4. 4 MONOPOLY Game by Electronic Arts

5. Facetune by Lightricks Ltd.

6. Football Manager Mobile 2016 by SEGA

7. Goat Simulator by Coffee Stain Studios

8. Cut the Rope: Magic by ZeptoLab UK Limited

9. Storage Hunters UK : The Game by UKTV Interactive Ltd

10. Enlight by Lightricks Ltd.

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