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Get Out review: Parent trap takes a bad turn

By Damon Smith

London-born actor Daniel Kaluuya delivers a stellar performance as the unsuspecting lamb to the slaughter.

He plays gifted photographer Chris Washington, who is nervous about a road trip to meet the parents of his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams).

"Don't go to a white girl's parents' house," advises Chris' wise-cracking best friend Rod (Lil Rel Howery), who proudly protects the public as an officer of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Ignoring his pal's warning, Chris drives with Rose to her parents' pristine community, where he is warmly welcomed by Dean Armitage (Bradley Whitford) and his psychiatrist wife, Missy (Catherine Keener).

However, something about the neighbourhood feels out of kilter and Chris is unnerved by the passive behaviour of the Armitages' black groundkeeper Walter (Marcus Henderson) and maid Georgina (Betty Gabriel).

When Missy discovers Chris is struggling to give up smoking and offers to use hypnosis to cure his filthy habit, meeting the parents becomes a bruising battle for survival.

Four stars

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