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Goonish anarchy with Spike's classic

By Grania McFadden

Puckoon, Playhouse, Londonderry, Tomorrow, 8pm. Big Telly's stage adaptation of Spike Milligan's Puckoon begins its all-Ireland and UK tour in the Playhouse. Milligan's Goonish blend of theatrical anarchy, musical wit and impossible plot shift from page to stage with surreal simplicity.

It's Ireland in 1922 and the Ulster Boundary Commission has drawn the new border straight through the small town of Puckoon. The church is separated from its own graveyard and drink is on sale for 30% less in one corner of the pub. Life in the newly-divided village will never be the same again. Zoe Seaton directs this bonkers story, with music from Paul Boyd, which celebrates the absurd and paints a picture of a simple life that borders on the ridiculous.

Contact the box office, tel: 028 7126 8027.


Market Place Theatre, Armagh

Tonight, 8pm

He was an inspirational hero, a tactical genius. Nelson was also a flawed maverick and a rebel.

Nicholas Collett plays Nelson in a drama he wrote himself - a compelling and sobering story which combines historical testimony, myth, biographical material and original writing. Here is an account of Nelson's exploits as both a young sailor and accomplished naval officer. Perched high on his column he recalls his great sea battles, and offers his reflections on the world today, while below him, a homeless Falklands veteran shivers.

Contact the box office, tel: 028 3752 1821.

The Belfast Tempest

T13, Titanic Quarter, Belfast

April 20-23, 7.30pm

Grab your cloaks and your cushions and climb on board a shipwreck for a magical experience. To mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, Terra Nova Productions is re-imagining Shakespeare. More than 200 citizens will join in a show that spans 150 years, from Belfast's 19th century shipping greatness to our inter-cultural future.

Contact the box office, tel: 028 3752 1821

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