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Head chef Eddie Patrick talks about the special people in his life


Family album: Eddie, Jenny, Katrina and Michael

Family album: Eddie, Jenny, Katrina and Michael

Parents Sally and Reggie

Parents Sally and Reggie

Fine dining: head chef Eddie Patrick

Fine dining: head chef Eddie Patrick


Family album: Eddie, Jenny, Katrina and Michael

The 52-year-old is head chef at the newly-opened Marco Pierre White Restaurant at the Park Avenue Hotel in Belfast. He is married to Mandy and has two children, Eddie (32) and Jenny (19).

My wife, Mandy

We first met at the Park Avenue Hotel when I was a bar waiter, aged 15. Mandy, as a member of the family who owns the hotel, worked on reception. We've known each other for years, but didn't get together until much later in life. We've been married for nearly five years now and we get on well even though we work together, too. Mandy is a director of the hotel now, so she is very busy and constantly in and out. Like most chefs I keep very late hours.

My children, Eddie and Jenny

Eddie and Jenny are grown-up now - our daughter works for 352 Healthcare while our son works for the South Eastern Health Board.

Mandy also has two children, Michael (29) and Katrina (28).

The four of them get on really well together which makes life a great deal easier for Mandy and I.

My mentor      

My mum and my late father. Mum has always been a real stalwart of the family and my father was always encouraging. Once I told him I was thinking of joining an athletics club, so on my next birthday he turned up with a stopwatch and a pair of running shoes - which was a lot of money for a postman.

My parents, Reggie and Sally


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My father died in April - he was a postman, and my mum worked in the civil service. I also have a brother, Geoffrey and a sister, Shirley - I'm the youngest.

We're a very close family so I see everyone quite a lot.

Previously I wanted to be a PE teacher because I was so into sport at school. It was a girl at secondary school who led me into cooking - I liked her and saw over her shoulder that she was choosing to do home economics as a GCSE so I chose the same thing - even though I didn't even know what it was. I struck out with the girl, but I came top of the class in home economics and it was my mum who pushed me towards college and a career in cooking after that.

While at college my mum and I went past the Park Avenue Hotel on the bus - she turned to me and said: "One day son, wouldn't you love to be the head chef of the Park Avenue Hotel?" And here I am.

Fantasy dinner party

David Attenborough is my first guest as I love nature and documentaries.

Then, I would have Marco Pierre White to cook dinner for all of us.

I'm a bit of a golf fan, too, as I would have Rory McIlroy there - I might be able to persuade him to give me some lessons.

Finally, I was always a goalkeeper in football so I would ask Pat Jennings to join us, too.


Person I go to for advice    


It has to be Mandy. We both know the industry so well. We always talked about work previously - but as the idea for the Marco Pierre White restaurant has developed, we haven't really been able to talk about anything else.

My best friend


Stephen McCullough and I started in P1 together in Knocknagoney Primary School. We would run into each other every few years, but recently he's moved back to the area and comes into the hotel much more. He works as a salesman now.



My celebrity crush

I used to have Bruce Lee on my bedroom wall. Then I went to a poster shop and discovered Debbie Harry. My mum wasn't too impressed with her, but dad liked her.

  • For more information on the new Marco Pierre White Restaurant go to www.parkavenuehotel.co.uk/marco-pierre-white

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