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Heaven scent... we review the leading new fragrances

September is a big month in the beauty calendar, especially for perfume counters. Katie Wright sniffs out this season's most alluring aromas

Not only is this month famous for London Fashion Week, the much-anticipated September issue magazines and high street autumn/winter arrivals, it's also when major beauty brands and fashion houses unveil their biggest fragrance launches.

These are the perfumes vying to hit the sweet spot this year.

Offering a fresh take on the house's eternally-adored perfume, Chanel No5 L'Eau, £68 for 50ml, Boots, opens with a blast of bracing citrus, making way for familiar wafts of jasmine and ylang-ylang, and a masculine finish courtesy of cedar and vetiver (

Basil is a key component in one of Jo Malone's bestselling scents, but the new Basil & Neroli Cologne, £86 for 100ml, is like nothing else. A gorgeously green aroma inspired by London's gardens, it blends two varieties of the distinctive herb with an orange note and white musk, bringing depth to the verdant bouquet (

Conjuring the fragrant air of a hot, humid paradise, frangipani and ylang-ylang are front and centre in Prada La Femme Eau de Parfum, £69 for 50ml, Selfridges. Married with creamy beeswax and vanilla, tuberose and vetiver round off this seductive fusion (

Part of the Les Extraits Vert Private Blend Collection, Tom Ford Vert Boheme Eau de Parfum, £148 for 50ml, House of Fraser, is a Seventies-inspired scent that opens with evocative notes of Sicilian mandarin before drying down to a heady magnolia heart, underscored with Gustavia wood - a rarely used ingredient from the plant known as the 'Tree of Heaven' - and heavenly it sure is (

Dreamt up after years of horse-riding trips in Montana, Jo Loves Smoked Plum & Leather, £65 for 50ml, mingles firewood facets with warm plum liqueur and rich leather - one whiff and you can practically hear the creak of a saddle and the whinny of an ebony stallion (

A tangy trio of blackcurrant bud, red ginger and bergamot lead the charge of Liz Earle's Botanical Essence No.9, £49 for 50ml, with rose, patchouli and vanilla fleshing out this dark, spicy composition (

One of seven simultaneous new releases, Louis Vuitton Roses des Vents, £180 for 100ml, pays tribute to the Queen of Flowers, the beloved floral buffeted with pepper, iris and cedar in a delicately feminine amalgamation (www.louis

Inspired by the decade of shoulder pads, perms and excessive eye make-up, Floris 1988 Eau de Parfum, £140 for 100ml, is a thankfully more tasteful affair. Sparkling citrus notes are joined by the savoury tang of rosemary and thyme, with musk and amber imparting an androgynous edge (

Undeniably rich and sophisticated, like a perfectly packaged box of Laduree macarons, Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer Eau de Parfum, £79 for 100ml, Boots, falls firmly in the gourmand category. Emanating vanilla and amberwood, this warm, enveloping aroma will satisfy any sweet tooth (

Powdery and proud of it, Amouage Lilac Love Eau de Parfum, £260 for 100ml, Harrods, frames the classic floral in swathes of jasmine and rose, with tonka bean and sandalwood providing a smoothly sweet finish (

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