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Hit the high notes with this bespoke musical app

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Seeking musical inspiration? Muzeit lets users browse what friends are listening to, share their favourites and get custom suggestions. Katie Wright tunes in.

Everybody's got one: that friend who knows all the coolest bands and hottest tracks before they hit the mainstream, who's always at under-the-radar gigs and knows which tiny festival tent will be hosting the next-big-DJ at a time slot when everyone else has already gone to bed.

But instead of sporadically asking your hipster mate for recommendations (and writing a list on your Notes app, which you then forget to go back and investigate), wouldn't it be easier if you could tap straight into their phone to find out what they're listening to right now? Well, with Muzeit, you can.

Essentially a music social network, the app (available on iPhone and Android) is centred around a news feed which displays what your friends are listening to. It lets you listen to previews via Apple Music or YouTube, then download songs directly from iTunes.

You can also see what tracks are trending worldwide, or among the people you're following, and get recommendations based on your pals' recent plays.

It's not just about new hits, either - you'll get nudged towards older albums that influenced the ones you're listening to now, so you can expand your musical history horizons, too.

Launched in December last year, Muzeit quickly topped download charts in 18 countries, and has now undergone a redesign, which has made navigation simpler and added some new features.

Find something you like? There's a new in-built messaging feature so you can share that sick Major Lazer remix with other musos, plus, the app links to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram so you can send your colleague that new Justin Bieber jam you know that they'll love.

And if you don't want anyone to know you're listening to The Best Of Nickelback or B*Witched's C'est La Vie on repeat, don't worry; there's a little button you can hit to hide your shameful secret.

The only real limitation of the app is that it doesn't link to Spotify, which has its own suite of friend-following and recommendation tools.

Aside from that, Muzeit has got everything you need to beef up your listening library and make sure you're up to date with the latest releases - you'll just have to convince your trendiest friends to sign up, so you can piggyback on their musical prowess.

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