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How I brought a smile to the face of Princess Di one summer's day


Princess Diana

Princess Diana


Princess Diana

A lot is being written about the late Princess Diana as the 20th anniversary of her death is remembered.

And sadly a few of the authors haven't had nice things to say about the lovely mother of a future king who died too soon, aged 36. Much of the comment was by writers who never met her.

Well Diana and I did come face-to-face years ago, just before her divorce from Charles. So I'm entitled to my fourpence worth in praise of her. We met at a garden party in Hillsborough and she spied me standing in the shade of a tree on a summer's afternoon. In answer to her query about why I was staying far away from the throng of guests, I smiled and replied that it was because I was overcome by her beauty. A silly answer, but the satisfaction was her pleased look.

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