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How to get a hidden retreat to rival Donald's

By Laurence White

Type 'man caves' into your internet search engine and you will find a whole series of sites devoted to creating the perfect all-male retreat, the place where men can be men at their most primal if the psychologists are to be believed.

Not many men will be like Donald Trump and be able to plaster the walls with awards and covers of prestigious magazines like Time, or even Playboy, which have featured the new US President, but ordinary mortals can still create their own identity.

Furnishing a man cave all depends, of course, on the location. A garage, or a spare room, will be more easy converted into a space where a man can retreat with his mates (male, naturally) and have some fun.

A garden shed can be all that is required for the man who wants to be alone to express his inner self.

- The must-haves for many men are seating (recliners optional), a large-screen television for watching sports without tutting from the female half of the partnership and a fridge to stock the requisite beers, or spirits, or even a home bar for the better-heeled.

- Decoration can be as simple as sporting memorabilia - though few will have access to such prized objects as Trump's world championship boxing belt won by Mike Tyson - and maybe a few film posters for the movie buffs.

- If space allows, a pool table is also a firm favourite, but a dartboard, or a table football game (as made famous by Joey and Chandler in Friends) can also help while away the time. An indoor putting green will find favour with the avid golfer.

- A good speaker system for music streaming is another Top 10 requirement, according to some of the man cave sites.

- Garden sheds are the more likely retreat of the solitary man who is likely to be older and more into hobbies such as metal craft, woodwork and simply tinkering with pet DIY projects. Some have even been known to create their own model railway system - a loft is a favourite space for this.

- One American showed more ingenuity than most by recreating the bridge of the Starship Enterprise from the TV series Star Trek for his man cave, but that sounds more like work than fun. After all, the man cave is primarily a place where men can retreat from the real world and live life as they would really like, rather than how they really have to.

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