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How to protect yourself from flash floods

Despite the hot summer, we're no strangers to torrential rain. Vicky Shaw reveals how to guard against the deluge

The hot weather that many people have been enjoying can also bring with it heavy rainfall. Lloyds Bank Home Insurance says flood claims peaked in the summer months of 2012 and 2016.

It warns that summer flooding isn't just limited to those who live on flood plains - and home owners who aren't typically at risk of flooding could also be affected.

Explaining why summer floods can take households by surprise, Jessica Turner, senior manager for weather modelling at Lloyds, says: "In the UK, summer flooding can be much harder to anticipate than winter rain.

"The warmer months tend to be more prone to flash flooding as the land surface heats up during the day, causing powerful updrafts and sometimes convective storms. These storms can lead to large bursts of rain falling within short periods of time and in localised areas."

Here are Lloyds Bank Home Insurance's top tips for anyone impacted by flooding:

1. Check you have the right level of cover in place and keep your home insurer's policy details and telephone numbers to hand in case you need to make a claim.

2. Keep a home emergency kit prepared. This could include sandbags, torches, spare bulbs and batteries, your home insurance documents, emergency contact details, tinned food, warm clothing and blankets.

3. Place sandbags outside doors, air bricks, windows and any other holes to reduce the amount of water entering your property.

4. Turn off the mains supplies of water, gas and electricity and unplug all electrical items, storing them upstairs or as high as possible.

5. Disconnect pipes to washing machine and dishwashers to avoid damage if appliances move during the flood.

6. Move as much furniture as possible upstairs, weigh down large items that can't be lifted with sandbags so they don't move and cause damage.

7. Empty contents of cupboards and drawers and store upstairs or as high as possible, especially sentimental items.

8. Take photos of damaged items as it may help your insurer to settle a claim.

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