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Hugo Duncan: Andrew McMurdie a name that will catch on fast after this brilliant album launch

Andrew McMurdie
Andrew McMurdie
Guest star: Katie McParland was just one of the artistes who supported Andrew at his launch night

By Hugo Duncan

Make a note of the name Andrew McMurdie. This talented teenager, from Markethill, could be destined for a bright future in country music if his impressive debut album is to be taken as any gauge of his talents.

It was at a well-attended show in the Canal Court Hotel, Newry on Thursday night last that Andrew launched his album, Catchin' the Wind, and an array of artistes contributed to what proved to be a great night's entertainment.

Andrew is certainly a fine singer and his choice of material for the album hints at his versatility.

He has included numbers ranging from Dream Lover to Make the World Go Away and the overall offering is, indeed, very impressive.

The fact, too, that so many other artistes were there to do their bit and give Andrew a helping hand reflects the esteem in which he is held in country music circles.

Among those who contributed to the entertainment were Boxcar Brain, Geri Kane, Trevor Dixon, Owen Mac, Colin Harney, Paddy Campbell, Katie McParland, Francis Donnelly, Dick Barton and William George.

Malcolm McDowell was also there and I must say that I was very impressed with the high standard of entertainment overall.

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I was delighted to have a role to play in what proved a very enjoyable occasion. I thought 18-year-old Andrew carried himself very well throughout the proceedings and he looked very much at ease on stage.

There is always room for fresh talent and it's good to see people like Andrew being given every encouragement as they take the initial steps in their careers.

It is obviously a competitive business, but there is always room for fresh faces. I think that Andrew has the ability to carve out his own niche on the scene and I believe more will be heard about him.

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