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Hugo Duncan: Fans can't wait to see Declan back at Bushtown

Big impact: Declan Nerney
Big impact: Declan Nerney

By Hugo Duncan

Declan Nerney's trips north of the border are rather more infrequent nowadays, so that probably explains why there was a very warm welcome on the mat for him when he appeared with his band at the Bushtown Hotel in Coleraine on Monday night.

The man in charge of operations there is former singer Kieran McGilligan, who runs a good ship and is continuing to promote a successful series of Monday night dances.

When Declan and his band took to the stage the big crowd gave them a rapturous reception.

Declan, whose travels take him to all parts of the country and, indeed, to Scotland, England and the Continent, was in great form and his lively, bouncy programme went down a treat.

He has had a number of big hits, including The Marquee in Drumlish, Anna from Fermanagh and, of course, Stop the World.

Declan was a member of Brian Coll and The Buckroos for a spell immediately prior to deciding to going on the road with his own band some 30 years ago and he has never looked back.

Prior to being part of Brian Coll's band, he was also a member of Gene Stuart's band.

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I understand that Declan created a big impact in the Bushtown Hotel and there was a clamour for his return to be not long delayed.

Sure enough, he is due to perform there again on Monday, July 22 and this should prove quite an occasion, as it coincides with the hotel's mid-summer festival of entertainment.

Incidentally, over the course of the past decade, the singer has hosted what, by general consent, is regarded as one of the most successful country music weeks on the Continent.

I will be travelling to Declan's Hooley in the Sun in September with a number of other artists for what promises to be a feast of country music at its best.

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