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'I can honestly say I listen to him every day'

By Kerry McKittrick

Kim Forsythe (50) runs the Elvis Spectacular with her partner Mervyn Boyd. She lives in Dundonald and has two children. She says:

I first remember watching Elvis films with my mum when I was six or seven. When he died I was 12.

I was devastated and that's when I started collecting all the newspapers about his death as well as all the cassettes and vinyl that I could get my hands on. It's grown into a huge collection that fills my garage and is all through my house - I still have items that I got for Christmas in 1979.

Elvis is the only entertainer that I have liked every song and album he produced. He was always captivating and lots of women have fallen for him, but it amazes me how many men love him, too. After every Elvis Spectacular, I sell memorabilia and many men are interested in the stuff.

Some people can be derogatory about Elvis, the way he put weight on later in his life - but a good section of the current population are heavier than he was.

I have been working with the Elvis Spectacular for 12 years now, some years after I met Mervyn. I don't normally like Elvis impersonators but the Spectacular is different - it's about going out and hearing Elvis played live.

There aren't any cheap wigs and costumes, everything is done properly and looks amazing.

For me, it's wonderful to be able to combine your job with something you love.

I can honestly say I listen to Elvis every single day - that's the magic of him. He is the only artist who has held my interest for so long."

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