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'I never thought I'd be a mum but I'm having time of my life'

The 41-year-old mother-of-five from Magherafelt had four miscarriages before she finally got pregnant. She is the new Linwoods Fabulous At 40 Ambassador and also teaches and looks after marketing for her husband's company

I'm very lucky indeed to have a big healthy family – it is something I never, ever take for granted, as I suffered a series of at least four miscarriages, that I know of, before I finally got pregnant. It was traumatic, absolutely, and even now I find it difficult to talk about. At the time I was heavily involved in marketing for BT and was really busy. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong but I had an awful lot of stresses.

I just threw myself into work and getting pregnant just wasn't happening for me.

When you're working for a big corporation they sort of own you. So I decided to try to improve my health and things really turned around when I took voluntary redundancy in 2009.

I became far more calm. I'm now 40 and life has never been better. I am a very busy mummy to five great kids: Caoimhin (18), Ben (6), Sophie (5), Roisha (3) and baby Frank is just nine months.

Life is hectic, juggling family and work, but it has really taken off since hitting the big 4-0.

I look after marketing and PR in my husband Jonny's business, Cabroso Wines, which is named after the four older children's initials. I recently went back to university to get my PGCE and I've been doing lots of subbing at local schools too.

My mum Pauline is a great help to me – she's a godsend. My eldest is a great help with the wee ones too. He's an in-built babysitter and more mature than me in a lot of ways!

I don't get much time to myself these days but I get up at 5.45am three days a week to go to boot camp. It's tough but it's good fun; I don't have to set my alarm clock for it any more – my body has adjusted to it. It's great to be fit again and to have the energy to do run the five kilometres in the Omagh half-marathon, and I have to say Linwoods super-foods seeds help. They're great for digestion.

In the last couple of years I have also drawn great inspiration from my younger brother Conor, who was diagnosed with MS and is winning his battle in the face of adversity.

Conor's positive "attitude is everything" approach, along with a good diet and exercise regime, has impacted greatly on me.

I cherish every moment in our hectic daily routine and try to take nothing for granted. Life has never been as busy and even though every minute is a prisoner, I love every minute, and I think that's partly why I won this Fab At 40 competition.

Actually there's a nice co-incidence with winning this – my father Brian Devine owned a grocery shop in the '90s and Linwoods supplied milk and bread to the shop. I was 21 and can vividly remember their van arriving and the jovial delivery man who always had a smile on his face.

I think I'm a good advertisement for a modern woman in her early 40s, which is what this competition was looking for.

Turning 40 has been the most fulfilling time in my life and I would like to share that with others and maybe even influence, empower and galvanise other women, to go and get what they want, do what they want and be what they want.

I possess a great zest for life, have tons of energy and work hard at balancing life; juggling family, my business, home, work and play.

Making sure my family have a healthy diet and plenty of exercise as well as lots of cuddles are key priorities.

I still find the time to run my own part-time marketing consultancy business – I firmly believe that anything is possible and attitude is everything.

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