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'I still have all his paraphernalia everywhere'

By Kerry McKittrick

Nuala McAllister (53), a medical receptionist, lives in Lisburn with her husband John and they have two grown-up children. She says:

Since my early teens, I have loved Elvis - for me it was a specific song that I really liked at the time called My Boy. From there it's just grown and grown.

I now have Elvis paraphernalia all over the house, even my phone cover and ringtones are Elvis, as is my passport cover - I'm not allowed to bring any more stuff in.

I visited Graceland many years ago and it was wonderful. I loved seeing the oyster-shaped bed he had made for himself and Priscilla and the gold plates and taps. His clothes and LPs are still there, too.

I like Elvis films but I prefer his earlier ones as I think he acted much better in them, the later ones aren't great.

Elvis fans are the most loyal in the world. I've met so many people who are as fascinated with him as I am. We call ourselves the Elvis Family and get together for shows and have a brilliant time. What does annoy me are the people who take the mick. They'll put on a cheap wig and a nasty costume and they think that's what we go to see but it's really not.

The best shows, like the Elvis Spectacular here in Northern Ireland, are the ones that put on a real performance. The suits cost thousands of pounds and the performers have their own hair, at the very least.

The whole experience really feels like going to see Elvis on stage - the gospel songs are my favourite. It gives us fans a tiny idea what it would have been like to actually see him, particularly now that none of us actually will."

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