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I'll show the Duchess of Cambridge what 'thrifty' is

It's impossible for the poor old royals to please the court of public opinion.

It must be endlessly frustrating for the Duchess of Cambridge to have every single element of her appearance dissected and discussed every time she steps out the door. (Are those grey roots?! How's that post-baby tummy-tightening coming along?)

If Kate wears a new designer frock, she's branded a clothes horse. If she wears an old one, she's trying to outdo Princess Anne in the thrifty stakes.

The Duchess made headlines this week by stepping out in an outfit we'd seen before (shock, horror!) and was accused of recycling a £160 'bargain' coat.

When she wears something twice, it's eyebrow-raisingly thrifty. When the rest of us wear a coat of that value a second time, it's just the start of a close relationship expected to last years.

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