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I'm still potty about Pansy

Pansy Potter

Pansy Potter (the Strongman's Daughter) and the Beano comic are about to be 80 years old.

Pansy appeared in the first edition way back in 1938. And next July, my favourite comic character will be making another comeback in the pages of the Beano when that special birthday is celebrated.

In spite of its great age, the Beano still appears every Wednesday. And, in spite of my great age, I still take an occasional peek.

Pansy Potter is a girl with super strength, created by artist Hugh McNeill, and in the 1940s was drawn by a cartoonist called Jimmy Clark.

She made infrequent appearances in the Beano, much to my disappointment, because I enjoyed her antics.

However, publishers DC Thomson latterly found a page for her again.

In 2012, Pansy returned to the Beano, drawn this time by Nigel Parkinson and Kev Sutherland.

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