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In my day: We quiz Caroline Carey on the time of her life

By Staff Reporter

Q. What was your decade?

A. The noughties, as so many wonderful things happened. I got married, I graduated from University of Ulster, got my first permanent job in tourism and had three wonderful children.

Q. What was life like back then?

A. I was a student in Portrush with a lot less responsibility and a more carefree life. Life seemed more relaxed. I loved it.

Q. What were you listening to?

A. I remember dancing along to Cher when I was a lot younger, and all the girls getting up and dancing when Cyndi Lauper or Grease came on!

Q. And the style?

A. My husband remembers the Kickers jumper I wore all the time. At discos everyone was wearing bomber jackets and waistcoats. Shell suits were popular but I never wore one.

Q. What has changed?

A. Having Facebook and Twitter on my phone is so handy and WiFi and 3g are marvellous! I used to wait for the TV news but now I look online if there's something I want to know.

Q. What was better back then?

A. My husband and I travelled a lot. I'm now busy in the world of tourism promoting the Causeway Coast. I am very happy in the here and now.

  • Caroline Carey is the Tourism Officer at Causeway Coast and Glens, currently working on the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival.

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