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'It was a big decision as there is no going back ... but now that it's done, I just love it'


Life changer: Robert (right) with partner Alister before the treatment
Life changer: Robert (right) with partner Alister before the treatment

Robert Childs (54), a security guard from Groomsport, started to lose his hair in his early 30s. Robert, who is having a civil wedding in September with partner Alister Gilgrest (55), had the treatment done just this month.

He reveals his doubts and fears before he decided to take the plunge and also how life-changing it has proven to be for him.

He says: "Losing your hair is a hard thing to live with. I had been thinking of shaving mine for years but never could bring myself to do it. I lost my hair on the top and at the crown and had this wee tuft at the front which I would comb over to one side to make it look like I had more hair. To me it felt like I did.

"You are always very aware of it and you think people are looking at it. I always hated people standing behind me because of my bald crown. I never liked looking at it, never mind someone else being able to see it.

"I had been searching for hair treatments online when Mark's business came up on Facebook.

"I had never been able to afford a hair transplant and when I went on to Mark's website I was blown away by the pictures. I was sceptical and thought surely it can't look as good as that.

"I went onto other pigmentation sites and all the results were fantastic, so I thought I would go for it.

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"I met Mark and he is a great guy, full of chat and very enthusiastic and he really put me at my ease.

"I was still doubtful as I felt that what something looks like in real life and in a picture can be very different. I tried to convince myself that is was a good thing to do and then one day Mark was finishing a treatment on a guy and he rang me and invited me to call in and see the results. I did call in and it was amazing. It really was as good as the pictures and I loved it and decided there and then to go for it.

"It was a big decision as there is no going back - I just thought I had to embrace it, go with it and hope for a good result.

"Now that it is done, I just love it. I had never shaved my hair before and when I did I was surprised that it looked great. I was actually shocked at how little hair I had - I basically had a bald head.

"Just getting a hairline back was fantastic. I looked great. I couldn't believe it. It is hard to explain how I feel since getting it done. I feel fresher and I have had great compliments.

"I was at a wedding last week and it never crossed my mind I had no hair and I've never felt like that before at an event where there are loads of other people.

After the treatment
After the treatment

"Before I would always have thought people were looking at me because of my hair and it was strange not to feel that way. I had never felt that confident before.

"It was definitely money well spent and my partner Alister loves it too. He thinks it is fantastic. I really feel I look better than I ever have."

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