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Janet Devlin: Stage fright, insomnia, teetotal and with little prospect of falling in love - the weird and wonderful world of an X Factor survivor

By Maureen Coleman

When Janet Devlin first appeared on the X Factor in 2011, the shy, self-effacing teenager from Co Tyrone endeared herself to the nation.

Her sweetness and vulnerability, combined with a unique sense of style and a beautiful voice, set her apart as one to watch and for the first few weeks of the live shows, she topped the public vote.

But a lack of confidence proved to be her downfall as the series went on. Struggling with crippling nerves, she forgot her words during one performance and at times appeared almost faint with the pressure of performing on such a huge stage.

Three years on and much has changed in the 19-year-old Gortin girl's life. When the X Factor finished, she upped sticks from the safety of her village home and relocated to London, began songwriting with the likes of Newton Faulkner and Jack Savoretti, and earlier this summer, released a debut album which went to number one in the UK indie charts.

She's toured the country as well, performing her folk-driven pop songs to thousands of fans. But the issue of pre-show nerves has not improved any and she admits it's an ongoing battle to beat stage-fright.

Yet here she is, preparing to take part on an industry panel in Northern Ireland's largest ever one day music conference in Belfast next month.

Up to 350 artists, business representatives and students are expected to attend the event at The MAC and the Oh Yeah Centre on Thursday, October 16, to address the challenges and opportunities that the music industry presents.

Speakers at the Output conference will include Tom Robinson from BBC 6 Music, representatives from Polar Patrol Publishing (a music publishing service set up by local rockers Snow Patrol), Hugh Platt, deputy editor of Thrash Hits magazine, and Janet. It's a public speaking role and for someone so timid, a frightening proposition. But she's willing to give it a try.

"When my manager Adam mentioned it to me I really wanted to do it because it was in Belfast," she explains. "I'll be talking about my venture into the music industry, the whole fundraising thing for my album, how I interact with fans, the use of social media, and performing as an artist.

"To be honest, I'm very nervous about it. I'm not going to lie. I'm used to singing, not talking in public, but I want to do it. At least I know what I'll be talking about, but it's hard to prepare for this sort of thing.

"Mind you, I appeared on a panel on The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 and it wasn't too bad, so maybe I'm better at it than I think."

Another problem Janet faces is an inability to sleep. A chronic insomniac, she functions on just a few hours sleep a night. At times it's so bad, she can go for days with only two to three hours of sleep. But she says she is used to it by now.

"It's been going on for a while now and if I knew why, I'd be able to do something about it," she says. "But I don't know why I can't sleep. I've tried meditation, but it didn't work for me.

"I'm just used to getting by now on little sleep. It is what it is."

I ask her if it started around the time of the X Factor.

"Well, it certainly wasn't as bad before that," she replies. "But I've had bouts of it for years. It did get worse, though, after the show."

Ironically, her management company in London is called Insomnia and as she points out, her music videos all feature her waking from slumber.

"Yeh, that's funny," she says. "I mean, how can I wake up when I never really go to sleep in the first place?"

In an attempt to make light of her insomnia, Janet penned a song called Creatures of the Night with the dreadlocked singer/songwriter Newton Faulkner and his brother Toby. The single, taken off her debut album Running With Scissors, was released this week and starts off acoustically before building to eerie owl-like backing vocals and drums alongside Janet's lilting vocals.

"I decided to flip it on its head and write a funny song about my insomnia," she says. "I'm taking the mick out of it, trying to find something positive in the fact that while I'm lying awake at stupid o'clock, the rest of the world is fast asleep.

"Sometimes, when I do manage to get to sleep, I might wake up out of a dream and then write about that, too."

All the songs on her album are very personal to Janet. When she sat down to work on the record, she decided to focus on each track individually, rather than plan what direction the album would take.

The 10-track album was released in June this year and went to number one in the Official UK Independent Charts. Janet took the risk of crowd-funding and it paid off. Her fans, the very loyal Devlinators, were only too happy to help.

Given that she was tipped, at one stage, to be the 'next big thing' musically, was she happy with the outcome?

"God yeah," she replies enthusiastically. "I was delighted. Having your debut album go to number one in the indie charts is a pretty big deal."

Writing with Faulkner was a dream come true for the teenager too, though in true Janet style, she was petrified she wouldn't match up to his expectations.

"It was very strange for me because I've always been a massive fan of his," she says. "I was terrified to be working with him. I was so afraid that I might not be good enough.

"But he was so lovely. I did a gig last month in London, maybe two months ago, and he came along to see me, which was nice."

Things are certainly looking up for Janet professionally. After negotiations with several record companies in the US, she has just signed a deal with a label, though is reluctant to give too much away until everything is finalised.

"Everyone kept saying to me that I'd be loved in the States," she says. "But I held back for the right deal. I have to go over there now, which is very exciting."

Does she keep up-to-date with the goings-on of her fellow X Factor alumni?

"I am terrible at communicating," she says. "But we all follow each other on Twitter. I don't compare myself to anyone though. If everything was about competitiveness, it would be meaningless.

"And I haven't had a minute to tune into this series at all. I don't have the time to bless myself these days."

She's keeping busy writing at the moment and hopes to squeeze in a few more songs next month, when she comes home for Output.

"I'll be going down home to see my family so hopefully will get to write a few songs there," she says.

"I like living in London, it's not too bad at all. But it's good to get home. There's a lovely contrast. And I'll be back in Northern Ireland, playing a gig on December 23, which I'm really looking forward to."

Much of Janet's life is taken up with writing music, though she's also a part-time poet as well. She says: "I pretty much spend all my time writing. I carry a lyrics book around me, though there's some poetry in there too.

"A lot of the fans have been asking me to write a poetry book, but I don't think I'd be confident enough.

"I've always enjoyed writing poetry although when I was younger, I didn't even realise that's what it was.

"I've been doing it since I was a child. But I'm no Heaney."

She cringes at the use of the word 'fans', preferring to call them 'friends' instead.

"They've been great," she says. "I like to keep in touch with them if I can. Social media is good for that. I try to answer all their questions."

She would consider self-funding a second album, but again the doubt creeps in.

"I'd need to ask people if they wanted another album," she says. "But yes, I'd love to release another one."

The flame-haired singer, who spoke openly last year about having been bullied at school, is too busy with her career to consider romance. After splitting from her long-term boyfriend Brendan Sally, she threw herself into writing her album, drawing on the break-up to pen a few tracks.

Since the split, there's been no one else, she says. And she doesn't expect to meet anyone soon. Being teetotal, she's not really into bars and clubs, and is too focused on her music to give much thought to a new relationship.

"Do you know, I've never even been on a date in my whole life?" she says. "When I was with my ex-boyfriend, we met at school and hung out so I never did the dating thing. Anyway, I'm too socially awkward."

Socially awkward and insomniac Janet Devlin may be, but in the choppy waters of the music industry, she's quietly and confidently paddling her own canoe. In the course of this interview she seems much more relaxed and comfortable in her own skin and she's been brave enough to sign up to Output to face her own fears of speaking in public.

Perhaps Miss Devlin has come a lot further in the last few years than she gives herself credit for. And with just a bit more self-belief, she may finally learn to sleep easy at night.

  • Creative Belfast presents Output at the MAC and the Oh Yeah Centre on Thursday, October 16, organised in partnership with the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure and Invest NI music industry development programme Generator NI. For details, visit

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