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Join up the dots and say goodbye to the scourge of clickbait for ever

New site helps you to sort wheat from the chaff

Saving time: organises articles and pages to help users share and discover the best content
Saving time: organises articles and pages to help users share and discover the best content

By Katie Wright

While no one would deny that having the whole of the internet at our fingertips - all 4.8 billion pages (and counting) - is a very good thing indeed, sometimes even the all-powerful Google can't deliver the results we need.

Often, results are clogged with pages that have been SEO-ed (search engine optimised) to death in order to attract eyeballs and generate ad revenue, rather than provide the highest quality information.

And even if you follow all the relevant Twitter accounts and Facebook groups on a certain subject, it's virtually impossible to see and keep track of everything.

That's where aims to help. The "platform of platforms" (the web address is simply organises articles and pages around a topic, letting users share and discover the best content.

Articles are presented on the landing page, with crowd sourcing used to rank them according to the number of up and down votes they've received from other users, and they can be read within the site, so you don't end up with a ton of browser tabs open.

Each platform uses a funnelling system, so you can quickly drill down to sub-topics just by clicking on buttons in the left-hand menu.

"In this age of information overload, structured platforms allowing experts and the crowd to curate and filter information are key," says founder Wim Korevaar.

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"If you know precisely what you're looking for - a particular blog post, or product, say - use a search engine. If you want to stay in touch with friends and family, a social network is perfect.

"But if you're looking for a place to discover, organise, and discuss the best on a specific topic, then the platforms will help you put it all together and separate the wheat from the chaff."

Already, platforms have been created focusing on the Zika virus, food commerce (for a United Nations organisation) and start-ups (for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce).

Users can join an existing one, or create their own.

It's free for the basic offering, but companies can pay to create pages with their own branding and more customisable features.

Particularly useful for academics, experts and corporations that need to keep on top of rapidly developing news, or a niche interest area, is a clever way to bypass clickbait.

As Korevaar puts it: "In the end, we believe that not a single person, a single company, or a single algorithm can organise all content online and determine the best on a specific topic, but together, we can."

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