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Jon Richardson: 'Jonathan Ross was so brutal I felt like crying'

Jon Richardson's new TV show will analyse his biggest worries.


Don’t panic: Jon Richardson

Don’t panic: Jon Richardson

Don’t panic: Jon Richardson

It's 10 in the morning and Jon Richardson looks troubled. "My big worry at the moment is that my daughter is listening to a show called The Wiggles," he begins, sinking into a plush sofa. "I bought her the album to play in the car and I'd say it's been three days now since I was able to not hear a song called Do The Propeller! in my head - and I'm starting to think it's never going to end."

The award-winning comedian is vexing ahead of his new Dave show, Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier.

The eight-part series will see Richardson attempt to analyse, assess and log every worry in his high-tech Worriedness Index - from an impending nuclear apocalypse, to whether he will die an embarrassing death.

The Lancaster-born stand-up ironically isn't joking.

By his rankings, loading the dishwasher and moths warrant a red grading (severe), while CCTV and marriage are green (low).

Richardson is joined in the studio each week by two big comedy names, who include Jack Dee, Jonathan Ross and Victoria Coren Mitchell.

Even his wife, comedian Lucy Beaumont, drops by.

"We had her on with Jonathan Ross. He was quite brutal at points. That was probably the closest I came to crying on a show."

Taking his unease into account, how does he cope with a career that's synonymous with baying crowds and, in the early days, frosty receptions?

"There's something about the urgency of it," muses Richardson, who is currently completing his acclaimed UK tour, The Old Man.

"Any other job I've done, I've worried about so much that it's affected my ability to get certain things done. And there's nothing like the pressure of 3,000 people staring at you to make you do it.

"Telly is a privilege; you get to do it because somebody takes a gamble and that's amazing."

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier, Dave, Wednesday, May 16, 10pm

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