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Laura Blair: 'I can watch The Sound of Music over and over again, I'm obsessed with the film'

We ask local celebrities what are their most favourite things

Laura Blair (26) is Hennessy brand manager at Dillon Bass. She lives in Belfast with her fiance Jonny.

My best moment

A summer spent inter-railing around Europe after graduating from university. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. My stand-out memory, though, was white-water rafting in Slovenia.

My best song

At the moment I love Drake's One Dance. Especially as the lyrics go 'I need one dance, got a Hennessy in my hand' - which just makes me like it even more. And I always get up for a dance when a Tina Turner song comes on.

My best way to relax

Taking my dog Jax out for a walk - he's a six-month-old French bulldog and can be quite stubborn. I just love spending time with him. As an animal lover, I'd been wanting to get a dog for ages, so I was delighted when my fiance gave in and got me one.

My best job.

The one I'm doing. My first job was with an advertising company, then I joined Dillon Bass in October 2015 - and it is the best company I have worked for. Even at university I knew I wanted to be a brand manager, so when the role came up and I got it I was over the moon. The Hennessy brand is part of my remit and I've met some of the most exceptional talent Northern Ireland has to offer through our Connoisseurs challenge.

My best bit of advice

The motto at my school, Dalriada Grammar in Ballymoney, was Labor Sine Cura, Labor Sine Fructu which translates as 'to work without effort is work without fruit'. This is something that has always stuck with me and something I fully believe in.

My best movie

The Sound of Music, which I have been obsessed with since childhood and would have watched it on repeat over and over again - much to my sister's annoyance. It is still my favourite film and anytime it comes on TV I can't resist the urge to sing along.

My best gift

My parents bought me a Louise Vuitton bag after I graduated from university. I love it as it's not something I would ever buy myself.

My best achievement

Getting a first class Honours in my degree after studying marketing at the Ulster University. I did little else at university but spend time in the library and my final year was quite stressful as I was working part-time, too. So, to achieve a first class degree at the end was absolutely fantastic.

My best buy

My first car which I saved up for from a job in retail when I was studying. I bought a really old Renault Megane which I loved.

My best book

The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald - the book says a lot to me, and I fell in love with all its different themes. And I liked Leonardo Di Caprio playing the lead role in the recent film version.

Dillon Bass has just launched the Hennessy Connoisseurs Challenge to search for Northern Ireland's top bartenders. You can enter recipes on the Hennessy NI Facebook page, Entries close at midnight on Sunday, July 24

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