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Lindy McDowell: In Vogue Meghan so patronising

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

By Lindy McDowell

The Meghanisation of the monarchy continues apace this week as it's revealed that the Duchess of Sussex has guest-edited the September edition of Vogue magazine. Vogue is a very big deal for women who think nothing of spending thousands on a dress that'll be worn once. For the rest of us, it's something you only ever get to read in the hairdresser's.

As a result of her stint at the Vogue tiller we know that Megs is much concerned with game-changing, female empowerment and promoting positivity. She also sees herself as a bit of a mermaid.

"I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living," she tells us. Deep indeed.

For a Californian woman whose first language is T-shirt slogan none of this comes as a big surprise.

On the cover of her "inspirational women" Vogue cover Meghan cleverly and thoughtfully attached a wee "mirror" so that ordinary old you and I can feel that we too are part of the "collective". Whatever that is.

Next up she's going to work with Marksies on her own clothing range, which will help her favourite charity (why not just cut out the commercial middleman and donate a wad of the cash she saved by getting taxpayers to pay for her house revamp?).

After that, Megs... the perfume range? Strictly Come Dancing?

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None of this is awful stuff. But it is silly and patronising and not a little cringey.

Apart from boosting the profits of Conde Nast, the Vogue publisher, all the stunt has done is to cement Meghan's reputation as a narcissist - and take another chip out of the foundations of the monarchy.

Courtiers must surely be pondering at which point they apply the brakes.

On lookout for cheep talent

Another week, another dancing parrot. First there was the American cockatoo headbanging to Back Street Boys. This week's feathered star of a viral video was filmed in Russia jigging around to folk music. The interesting thing is, with his straight wee back and high-stepping little legs he could just as easily be doing Irish dancing. Which raises the question, don't we have any local dancing budgies or parakeets or whatever? Even a talented pigeon?

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