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Line of Duty: What now for AC-12?... Here’s what the sofa detectives think


Thriller: DI Steve Arnott in action in tomorrow night’s episode

Thriller: DI Steve Arnott in action in tomorrow night’s episode

DCI Joanne Davidson and DI Kate Fleming

DCI Joanne Davidson and DI Kate Fleming


Thriller: DI Steve Arnott in action in tomorrow night’s episode

After last week’s dramatic cliffhanger left viewers trying to work out the identity of Joanne Davidson’s relative, episode five of Line of Duty is shaping up to be another roller-coaster ride.

The official synopsis for the upcoming outing tells us that DI Kate Fleming hatches a plan to discover if Davidson is bent.

However, when Hastings’ authority is undermined, it leaves his team in a potentially dangerous situation. Yikes!

Whose life is in danger? What’s the future for AC-12? And who is the famous actor reportedly joining the cast? Let’s look at a few fan theories.

Davidson’s DNA match

Okay, hands up. I know the answer, having now watched the preview episode, but my lips are sealed. The fans have come up with several names who could fit the profile and the bookies are now taking bets. The frontrunners are deceased OCG boss Tommy Hunter (Brian McCardie) and undercover cop John Corbett (Stephen Graham), who are at 2/1 and 5/2 respectively to be revealed as the mystery relative.

Criminal mastermind Tommy was Scottish, like Davidson, and fans believe she could be his daughter. Other possibilities include fellow Scots Mike Dryden and Derek Hilton.

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Everyone’s favourite bent copper, Dot Cottan, is also in the running. Even Ted Hastings has been mooted.

Mystery guest star

Line of Duty fell victim to a huge spoiler gaffe earlier this week when a plot twist was accidentally shared online, revealing a famous guest star.

So who is the well-known face joining the cast? I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you, so let’s see who the viewers think it might be.

Top of the list is Robert Carlyle, who starred alongside Kelly Macdonald (Davidson) in the 1996 film Trainspotting.

Last week, eagle-eyed fans picked up on the number plate of the police car that Ryan Pilkington forced into the lake — BE66 BAI. Carlyle’s Trainspotting character was called Begbie, prompting one fan to tweet: “Okay, this is a silly one, but I think the police car that went into the reservoir had a number plate of BE66 BAI (or similar). Is this a nod to Kelly Macdonald’s Trainspotting role? Red herring or clue?”

Other names in the frame include Idris Elba, Richard Madden and David Tennant.

Is Chris Lomax related to Dot?

DS Chris Lomax (Perry Fitzpatrick) is part of the murder investigation team, working alongside Davidson and DI Kate Fleming to find out who killed journalist Gail Vella. But fans think he is hiding a secret.

Not only has he made several mistakes and keeps asking leading questions, but some viewers have been struck by his resemblance to Dot Cottan. Lomax looks like him, sounds like him and has similar mannerisms. Is he Dot’s long lost brother? Could he be the new caddy? Or are the similarities purely coincidence?

Does ‘H’ stand for the Hill?

The three ‘Hs’ so far are Dot Cottan, ACC Derek Hilton and senior legal counsel Gill Biggeloe. But who is the fourth?

While many fans are squirrelling away trying to uncover the identity, some think that H is a place — the Hill.

Located on a grassy hill in the Hillside area of the city, the building is home to the murder investigation team and authorised firearms officers.

Writing on Twitter, one fan said: “The fourth ‘H’ isn’t a person, it’s a place — the Hill. A station where the OCG hold enough sway to constantly rotate bent coppers through the ranks.”

Gail Vella’s investigation

I thought I was thorough in my investigations, but Twitter user Eleanor Crossland puts all other super-fans to shame.

Eleanor believes murdered journalist Gail Vella discovered that the OCG and police were grooming children in foster care and planting them into the police force, like Ryan Pilkington.

“The police and OCG were working together to exploit vulnerable children in foster care systems,” she wrote.

“Jo Davidson was one of these foster kids… she is following OCG commands because she has been doing it her whole life and knows what they are capable of and their full reach in the police.”

Hmm, interesting theory. Is Davidson a product of a corrupt care system that grooms bent coppers?

I’m liking this line of thinking. Eleanor could be onto something here.

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