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Lucy's recipe for success after reality TV

The ex-Made in Chelsea star is so busy she has a stylist

Feed Me Vegan by Lucy Watson, photography Mike English

By Ella Walker

She might be up at 5am for work, or heading to Richmond Park - no two mornings are identical for vegan cookbook writer and former Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson.

From avocado fixes to walking the dog, here's how the style influencer starts her day...

Are you a morning person?

No! Not at all. I get up 8.30am.

What do you usually have for breakfast?

I normally have tofu scramble with avocado on toast, or I'll just have avocado on toast and hummus with tomatoes. Sometimes I'll cook pancakes - it depends how much time I have.

What time do you start work?

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Every single day is different, I could be up at 5am going to a shoot or I could be up a bit later or doing something on the evenings or weekends - it's really hard to say, I have no structure whatsoever.

If given the choice what would your ideal morning be like?

I love to get up and go for a dog walk. I like to go somewhere like Richmond Park or Wimbledon Common and take Digby (her German Spitz Klein) for a really long walk to get some fresh air, and go for breakfast somewhere. I love Le Pain Quotidien, they have really good breakfast options for vegans.

Are you a shower or bath person?

I love baths, but I do have showers for time's sake. If I'm feeling really cold, I love to sit in the bath and warm up.

Do you ever sing when you're in the shower?

No! I used to when I was younger though.

Do you organise your clothes the night before?

I have a stylist, so she organises all my clothes. I have a rail in my wardrobe which is basically just outfits that have been organised for me, which is a massive luxury in life - but my organisation levels are terrible, so it really does save me time.

Feed Me Vegan by Lucy Watson, photography Mike English, is published by Sphere, priced £16.99. Available now

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