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Estate agent John Minnis

Estate agent John Minnis

Belfast Telegraph journalist Lisa Smyth eating her lunch at her desk in work

Belfast Telegraph journalist Lisa Smyth eating her lunch at her desk in work


Estate agent John Minnis

On the second day of our special series Kerry McKittrick and Laura McGarrity find out what tickles the tastebuds of a cross-section of local people on their midday menu

Mum at home, Geraldine McGarrity (50) lives in Crumlin with husband Alex and three children. She says:

WHERE I usually have lunch at home unless I’ve somewhere to go and in that case I’d head to a coffee shop.

WHEN Around 12.30pm.

WHAT I like fresh crusty bread with ham or different cheeses or sometimes scrambled eggs. I like something different every day.

HOW MUCH I eat at home mostly so it’s cheap — £1.50 or £2 per day.

WHO WITH Sometimes my husband comes home for lunch. During holidays my children join me.

Actor Marty Maguire (45), from Belfast, starred in Dancing Shoes and will appear in Stormont. He lives in Belfast. He says:

WHERE If I am rehearsing for a play or filming for TV, I tend to eat my lunch on set or backstage. Because of the strict scheduling I never have time to venture out.

WHEN It depends on what I am doing. When I am acting in two shows a day I have to eat and run back to work. I try to have lunch around 1.30pm or 2pm.

WHAT As an actor I need to eat a lot of carbohydrates so I can keep my energy levels up. I usually have a wholewheat turkey sandwich and some crisps. Sometimes the production companies provide us with food like pizza, fruit and sandwiches that we can quickly eat between the matinee and evening shows.

HOW MUCH Thanks to shops like Lidl and Tesco, making your own packed lunch is quite cheap. I would only spend a few pounds.

WHO WITH Other actors or members of production companies.

Lorry driver Freddy Downey (53), from Belfast, works for Truck Contract Haulage Solutions. He says:

WHERE En route in my van, between deliveries, because my days are busy.

WHEN After my fourth delivery of the day, around 1.30pm or 2pm.

WHAT Mostly I make sandwiches to bring to work with me, but if I have no time I just grab a sausage roll on the go.

HOW MUCH A few pounds —I’m not a big eater during the day. I eat lightly at lunch and have a big dinner at 6pm.

WHO WITH I eat by myself as most of my day is made up of making deliveries to shops and warehouses.

Dr Damian Fay (23), a foundation year orthopaedic doctor. He lives in Belfast with partner Mari-clare. He says:

WHERE A staff kitchen in Dundonald hospital.

WHEN No strict time —I have to grab five minutes when I can. It’s very hard to manage my time, especially on a long shift.

WHAT I worry I don’t eat enough, so when I do get time I have a big sandwich or beans and toast — food that gives me lots of energy.

HOW MUCH Our staff kitchen is stocked with food; so I don't spend anything.

WHO WITH Whoever is in the kitchen; other doctors or nurses mainly.

Lisa Smyth (31) is the Belfast Telegraph’s health correspondent. She lives in the city. She says:

WHERE My days are usually quite busy so I normally eat at my desk.

WHEN Everyday is different, with interviews and meetings, so I don't have a set time.

WHAT A sandwich or a salad, with some fruit, plus chocolate to keep my energy up. I try and make my lunch at home, if not I buy it.

HOW MUCH At Marks & Spencer or Bagel Bagel, I spend around £3.

WHO WITH At my desk, chatting to colleagues.

Nurse Shona Bogues (21), from Belfast, works in Antrim Area Hospital. She says:

WHERE On day shift in the staff kitchen at the hospital.

WHEN Our lunches are staggered on the ward. Normally around 1pm, for 45 minutes.

WHAT A sandwich and crisps, and occasionally Cup-a-Soup.

HOW MUCH £3 or £4.

WHO WITH There are always other nurses in the staff kitchen, so just whoever is around.

John Minnis (33), director of John Minnis Estate Agents. He lives in Ballyholme with fiancee Shelley. He says:

WHERE Usually at my desk. If I'm out with clients I have lunch in one of the cafes in Holywood.

WHEN 12.30pm normally but if I'm out at viewings it might be later.

WHAT I normally buy a sandwich or a wrap. Sometimes Shelley will make my lunch. I'm presented with a bag filled with tupperware containers which have all sorts of healthy nibbles in them. I think she's trying to slim me down before the wedding.

HOW MUCH Around £5 a day.

WHO WITH If I'm not with clients then at my desk watch the news on my laptop.

Taxi driver George Vance (45), from Belfast, is a supervisor for Fonacab and lives with wife Alison and son George. He says:

WHERE Subway or Doorsteps.

WHEN I start my shifts at 4.30am so have lunch at 10.30am, which works out well because that is usually when we are quiet. Some other drivers and I go to the gym around 1pm when we should be having lunch.

WHAT I try to eat healthily so usually salad or a sandwich.

HOW MUCH £4 to £5 a day.

WHO WITH Another supervisor.

Footballer Niall McGinn (23), from Belfast, plays for Celtic. He says:

WHERE At the canteen at Celtic’s training grounds.

WHEN Around 12.30pm when we’re at the training grounds. We train from 10am so lunch is fuel.

WHAT There’s a lot of emphasis on carbohydrates and proteins. I usually have something like pasta and a sauce or even a Chinese — it all depends on the menu. We eat a lot but burn it off in training.

HOW MUCH : Nothing — lunch is provided.

WHO WITH My team-mates.

Danielle Dahaan (36), from Belfast, is senior cabin crew with FlyBe. She says:

WHERE In the galley of the plane we're flying in.

WHEN A 40-minute turnaround scheduled into the day so we can get some time to sit down and eat.

WHAT Crew food is provided though I often bring in a sandwich or a salad I’ve made at home.

HOW MUCH £3 to £5 a day.

WHO WITH The crew.

The Rev Chris Bennett, (35), chaplain of the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. He says:

WHERE I don't have an office or an official church so I take the opportunity to meet people around the Titanic Quarter. I usually go to The Pump House Cafe.

WHEN Around 1pm, but it can vary depending on meetings.

WHAT Sandwiches or a panini, except on a Friday when I treat myself to a fry.

HOW MUCH Around £5.

WHO WITH I could be meeting someone different every day.”

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