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Marauders review: Short-changed by robbery plot

By Damon Smith

Jeffrey Hubert (Bruce Willis, above) is president of a powerful bank based in Cincinnati, which suffers brutal robberies at various branches. Staff and customers are terrorised, there are senseless fatalities, and FBI Agent Jonathan Montgomery (Christopher Meloni) is put in charge of the investigation.

His team includes hulking Agent Stockwell (Dave Bautista) and rookie Wells (Adrian Grenier), who is desperate to impress. Montgomery risks all to unmask the perpetrators, driven by painful memories of his wife, a fellow agent, who was killed during an undercover sting. Marauders is a muddled action thriller where the lines between right and wrong are repeatedly blurred. Screenwriters Michael Cody and Chris Sivertson become hopelessly entangled in sinewy subplots, which reveal most of the characters have tragic backstories and thus shady motives to pull the wool over the eyes of the FBI.

Two stars

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