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MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace on cooking with wife Anna and his kitchen essentials

MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace tells Lauren Taylor about cooking with wife Anna and his kitchen essentials


Famous foodie: Gregg and wife Anna

Famous foodie: Gregg and wife Anna


Famous foodie: Gregg and wife Anna

When Gregg Wallace isn't presenting MasterChef with John Torode or Eat Well For Less, you'll find him at home with his Italian wife Anna, with whom he wrote Gregg's Italian Family Cookbook last year, and their baby son Sid - or, quite often, in Italy, eating bowls of orecchiette, or learning dishes from his mother and father-in-law. Here, we catch up with the former greengrocer to chat all things food.

What would be your death row meal?

"A plate of oysters, followed by vitello tonnato - slices of veal with a tuna sauce - and my wife's coffee panna cotta."

Is there anything you still can't cook?

"With cooking and resting big joints of lamb, my timing is off. I really need the help of my wife and mother-in-law there. I tend to overcook it. I had to phone Marcus Wareing the last time I cooked one. I said, 'Marcus, look, I weighed this lamb, how much do you think?' He said, 'Am I here just to help you with your Sunday roast? For crying out loud, I'm a busy man'."

What do you like to cook with Anna?

"We cook pizzas and fresh pasta. I love to make crespelli - pancakes which you layer up and fill full of savoury things such as cheese, anchovies and ham."

Do you have a favourite store cupboard essential?

"Eggs. You can't make pasta without them."

What's the kitchen utensil you can't live without?

"An electric knife sharpener. As much as John Torode's shown me, I still don't know how to use a chef's steel.

Favourite late-night snack?

"Cheese. Formaggio. A great big lump of cheddar, a piece of stilton, or a French roquefort, or gorgonzola."

Favourite childhood dinner?

"Butterscotch Angel Delight."

Gregg's Italian Family Cookbook by Gregg & Anna Wallace, published by Mitchell Beazley, £20

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