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Me and my health: Hollie Edgar on her lifestyle



Hollie Edgar

Hollie Edgar

Hollie Edgar with husband Tim and children Toby and Jonah

Hollie Edgar with husband Tim and children Toby and Jonah


Hollie Edgar

The 35-year-old owner of health and wellness brand The Freedom Method lives in Belfast with her husband Tim and their boys Toby (9) and Jonah (4).

Q: Do you take regular exercise and if so, what?

A: I've been working in health and wellness for nearly a decade and before that I was involved in competitive athletics for more than 15 years, so I've always had an active lifestyle. My business, The Freedom Method, is a community of people who love movement and taking care of themselves through health and fitness. We train together in fitness circuit sessions, cross training groups and in between we love to go for runs together, yoga classes or spend time hiking and catching up! For me, fitness has to be about the experience. I've no interest in standing in a gym, headphones on, staring at myself in the mirror for hours. I do movement to keep my mind healthy as much as I do it for my body. And I love to share the experience with other people.

Q: What's the worst illness you have had?

A: I've been very grateful that, thus far, I haven't experienced any serious illness. In my early 20s I developed glandular fever and it lasted for nearly nine months. It came with an array of uncomfortable symptoms, and I had consistent glandular infections and ongoing chronic fatigue. I did a lot of sleeping that year.

Q: How healthy is your diet?

A: I am a vegetarian and I love to cook healthy food. I used to be an anxious cook but becoming veggie opened up a whole new world to me and I immersed myself into creating easy, tasty vegetarian based dishes - now I adore cooking for people. I've always been a savoury person and, being involved in health and fitness my whole life, I've always been conscious to eat for fuel first rather than just pleasure. My body has adapted to this and now I feel quite unwell when I eat a lot of processed or sugary foods.

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Q: Any bad habits?

A: The only bad habit I can think of is eating too fast! My mum has always told me that, since I was a small child, if I enjoyed something I inhaled it! I definitely pay for that afterwards and experience indigestion and stomach pain. It's a reminder that mindful eating is important for many reasons and proper digestion is vital.

Q: Do you drink and/or smoke - if so, how much?

A: No, I don't smoke and I don't really like the taste or the effect of alcohol.

Q: Do you take any health supplements?

A: I take multivitamins, an oral spray of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. I like to think I can get most of what I need from a nourishing, wholesome diet.

Q: How do you take time out?

A: I love being outside and away from the city. The ocean and mountains are where I feel most at rest, so most weekends that is where we head to for a change of pace and time to recharge.

Q: How well do you sleep?

A: I sleep really well. I could sleep anywhere at any stage of the day. I often feel I still experience the lingering symptoms of glandular fever, so the temptation to sleep too much is one I face most days.

Q: Do you worry about getting old?

A: I don't worry about getting old, however I do feel a huge responsibility to keep myself healthy and well as I move through stages in my life. It's so important to me that I actively participate in my health and wellness as much as I can, while I can. It makes me sad to see people faced with major health issues in later life, wishing they'd taken better care of themselves when they were younger.

Q: What is your go-to product/habit that keeps you feeling healthy?

A: It sounds so simple but for me it's fresh air and movement. It's so liberating to spend time outdoors. I know the body loves activity, it thrives off it and repays us with endorphins (our happy hormones) and leaves us feeling more resilient, clearer in mind and more energised to face the day.

The Freedom Method offers individual and group training, including running, circuits, mountain biking, life and mindset coaching, and health and wellness retreats. Visit thefreedommethod.org for more information

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