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Me and my health: Lisburn-born actor Matthew Forsythe



Matt Forsythe

Matt Forsythe

Matt Forsythe

The Lisburn-born actor (39) lives in Bangor and is starring in the 25th anniversary production of the Marie Jones play A Night in November, which is running at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast until June 22. He is married to Michelle who is the director of marketing and communications for the Ulster Orchestra and they have a three-year-old daughter Isla. Matthew and Michelle also sing together in their 1950s rock 'n' roll band The Soda Popz.

Do you take regular exercise and, if so, what?

From childhood I was always into sports and played a lot of football and badminton. However, over the years my exercise regime has been up and down as I tended to get bored with the gym and didn't really have enough time or energy to properly commit to it. After my daughter was born I really wanted to get healthy and fit again, so I started Crossfit. I now go a few times a week and find it's much easier to work out in a disciplined environment with a supportive 'team' around you and I've met some really lovely people through our local club, Bangor Crossfit MCI.

What is the worst illness you've had?

I've had a few things happen over the years, but probably the worst was getting Bell's Palsy when I was 27. I was taking my singing exams and a few days later I gradually lost the feeling in half of my face and head. As you can imagine, everyone went into panic mode but after heading to A&E, they just sent me home with some painkillers, saying it would go away eventually. It was a very scary experience, but thankfully I came out of it okay after a few weeks.

How healthy is your diet?

My diet is now very healthy. I ensure I do plenty of meal preparation (for which my wife is also very grateful), eat plenty of protein and include the relevant macronutrients in everything. I admit, my eating habits used to fluctuate a lot - I was either 100% committed or not, but now that I'm a dad, I'm determined to look after my health and to ensure my family do the same.

Any bad habits?

I unfortunately chew my fingernails when I'm nervous, which annoys my wife immensely!

Do you drink and smoke and, if so, how much?

I don't smoke and I would only drink occasionally when out socially or sometimes at home with Michelle over dinner.

Do you take any supplements?

Yes I've been taking supplements for a few years now. I take omega 3, whey protein, glucosamine and creatine. I believe supplements are very important and help promote long-term health.

How do you take time out?

I like to spend as much of my time as possible with my wife Michelle and my daughter Isla. My parents, sister and extended family are also a great source of fun and madness and we organise a lot of events and trips together. I also try to do some yoga when I can and I admit I'm partial to playing a bit of Clash of Clans on the iPad.

How well do you sleep?

Well, that depends. Isla controls how much sleep we have in our house, so it varies! She's actually not too bad a sleeper and so I try to get around eight hours a night when possible.

Do you worry about getting old?

No, not at all. It happens to everyone and I'm a firm believer in living in the moment and not stressing too much about what potentially lies ahead.

What is your go-to product that keeps you feeling healthy?

I don't really have one. As I said, I take supplements, eat healthy and exercise. That and time with my family.

Matthew Forsythe stars in the 25th anniversary production of A Night in November by Marie Jones at Lyric Theatre, Belfast, until Friday, June 21 and an Irish tour in August. Call the box office on 9038 1081

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