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Meet Northern Ireland woman who went from £4 in bank to earning annual salary in week

The Lurgan woman claims she can help anyone turn any goal or dream into reality by using the Law of Attraction. Helen Carson finds out more


Kim Calvert says she’s living proof that changing mindsets changes lives

Kim Calvert says she’s living proof that changing mindsets changes lives

Kim Calvert

Kim Calvert

Kim Calvert says she’s living proof that changing mindsets changes lives

A former mental health nurse from Lurgan says her life changed completely four years ago when she started practising the Law of Attraction. The lifestyle mindset, which became famous in cult self-help book, The Secret, uses techniques based on scientific studies of the mind to help you achieve everything from job promotion to improving your love life.

Now Kim Calvert (31), who gave up a senior health service nursing post after a devastating relationship break-up left her broke, says she can help mentor anyone to achieve high levels of success in their lives too - and it's all down to opening your mind to a different thought process.

Ahead of her free seminar in Belfast's Stormont Hotel next Thursday, she says setting goals and talking about your ambitions is key to achieving your dreams: "Ninety-five per cent of people don't have goals while three per cent do. As human beings we have so much more potential."

Now living in Belfast, Kim offers consultations with people through multiple programmes and mentorship options, all with a mix of online, offline and face-to-face meetings. Kim explains the Law of Attraction: "It's a mindset, like karma or the law of cause and effect which most people understand - we get to live out what we put out."

And she claims to be proof the lifestyle works, having progressed to the highest level as a human performance expert with the Proctor Gallagher Institute in Canada.

"I am in a very happy relationship now and I've gone from having £4.10 in my bank account to earning my annual salary in a week," she adds.

But Kim says she had to reach a crisis in her personal and financial life before she was able to make a dramatic decision to quit her job and fly 2,000 miles to Canada to meet lifestyle guru Bob Proctor, star of The Secret movie.

She says the world-renowned speaker, motivational coach, author of bestselling books, as well as a Law of Attraction teacher, helped her turn her life around.

Now she is Bob's number one consultant worldwide and leads a jet-set lifestyle, travelling all over the world to mentor everyone from those in big business to mums in a bespoke programme, Thinking Into Results.

It's a huge difference compared to her circumstances just five years ago, in 2014, when she was almost penniless, despite having a senior nursing job.


Kim Calvert giving a motivational speech

Kim Calvert giving a motivational speech

"My life looked like it was perfect," she recalls. "I had a perfect government job with my own office and case studies, and my parents were extremely proud of me. For anyone else this would be the be-all and end-all."

The reality, though, was very different. A relationship break-up had left Kim in financial difficulties with mortgage payments, car costs and extra bills to pay, leaving her with little change left from her monthly wage.

"Four years ago things started to deteriorate in my life. I was earning up to £40,000 a year but I was broke every month.

"The relationship I was in finished and I ended up paying extra bills, as well as everyday living costs - a mortgage, car payment, all the usual things - coming out of my salary every month that left me with nothing.

"I took every bit of overtime I could but then I ran out of time to spend the money," she adds.

"I wanted to leave my job but everyone said that I shouldn't. I began to get down and I didn't have as much confidence."


Kim Calvert with motivational coach Bob Proctor

Kim Calvert with motivational coach Bob Proctor

Despite this, Kim says: "I had a gut feeling with me for many years, it was a feeling in my heart that I was capable of more. It was both exciting and scary."

The moment of realisation didn't come until a routine shopping trip.

"I was buying food for my dog and when I went to pay I only had £4.10 in my bank account," she says. "I didn't have any savings - despite the fact my dad told me to always save. It was a real wake-up call. I knew I had to do something big.

"I stuck my finger randomly on a calendar - it landed on November 11. That was the date I handed my notice in. My friends and family asked me why I was leaving my job, but I just knew there was something else out there for me."

Kim knew of mentoring to achieve success, but admits: "I didn't really believe it worked. But then I watched Bob Proctor on YouTube talking about the science of success and why people like Richard Branson achieve what they do when others don't. I decided to go to Toronto to find out more."

Even after meeting Bob, however, she remained sceptical: "He told me I could create the life I wanted but I didn't believe it. I said 'you don't understand, I'm from Northern Ireland'. He told me that was nothing to do with it."

While there, she learned about the one-of-a-kind Thinking Into Results programme which is based on 60 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievement - in other words, what really makes successful people so successful.

Kim says the thought process felt very different to the one she grew up with: "I had the most incredible home. My father was an entrepreneur who owned his own business so that was the environment I was brought up in. I was brought up to believe you had to work hard, pass your exams and you would do okay in life."

Putting her fears to one side, she gave the programme a go: "I decided to open my mind and invest in myself. I sold my car and used the money to study the programme. I wanted to achieve my goals and if I could get one sliver of that it would be worth it.

"Step by step, I changed my thinking and started to set goals and achieve clarity where there had been confusion," she adds.

"So many people don't know where they're going (in life) and that leads to fear and they can fall into depression.

"The more I opened my mind the more I began to see shifts in my life. It changed by 360 degrees and I began to attract better friends and relationships."

After arming herself with the information, Kim has since channelled her nurturing instincts to help others through mentoring: "I can help some people - all I want to do is to serve, which is so fulfilling. I'm now number one in the world alongside Bob, something I never thought would be possible.

"I'm in his circle of excellence and sometimes travel by private jet but I don't think I'm better than anyone else in the world. I'm just a normal girl from Northern Ireland."

Kim claims the right thinking can indeed help us achieve greater wealth than we believe is possible: "Most people in society don't understand how money works.

"Education is great, but this is one area where it's letting people down. People don't believe they can have anything better and this usually comes down to how they feel."

She stressed, though, that the programme is not a get-rich-quick scheme: "People need to shift their perceptions and start setting goals.

"Ninety-five per cent of people don't have goals while three per cent do. As human beings we have so much more potential. They stay in jobs and relationships where they feel trapped and unhappy. They believe it's just the way life is.

"I would ask them, 'If you're unhappy, why do you stay'?"

She says the answer is to set goals, then start thinking and talking about them: "We become what we talk about - history proves that. The first rule of the Law of Attraction is to verbalise what you want to happen in life.

"The mindset is like karma or the law of cause and effect which most people understand - we get to live what we put out.

"When relationships went wrong in my life I used to blame the person or circumstances - everybody but me. We attract people into our lives based on our thinking; it all starts with you. It's about gaining control."

Kim says that an open mind is vital to success, adding that many people who seek her help are initially cynical: "I'm only 31 but I help companies multiply their income. I can help people close the gap between what they know and what they do.

"They are part of the problem but they can also be part of the solution," she says.

"We all procrastinate. What I can do is help clean up people's lives, make them more efficient, help them tap into their creativity and expose themselves to the world. That's when everything starts to fall into place."

She says the programme offers a bespoke service to each person and is priced accordingly, adding: "The biggest cost to yourself is doing nothing."

Follow Kim on social media channels at Dynamite Lifestyle or continue this conversation within the Facebook group page, The Dynamite Effect. There is also a free live seminar event on Thursday, March 21, in the Stormont Hotel, Belfast. Tickets from eventbrite or the Facebook page, The Dynamite Lifestyle. Or you can contact Kim by email, explode@dynamitelifestyle.com

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