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My People: Connie Baremskie on her special relationships

By Kerry McKittrick

The 20-year-old is the manager of the Pond Stage at this month's Sunflower Fest in Hillsborough. A singer with the band Wolf Like Me and part-time yoga teacher, she also studies music technology and sonic arts at Queen’s University

My boyfriend, Matthew

Matthew Medlow and I met at the Regional College in Armagh - he was studying music and I was doing a course on music technology.

He's in my class at Queen's now, doing a degree in music technology.

We have common interests and a similar philosophy on life.

My parents

My parents split up when I was quite young and my mum Kathy has been with her partner Lee Bantting for the last seven years. He's the one I regard as my dad.

Mum works as a counsellor, but she's also organising the Bliss section of Sunflower Fest this year - it will feature activities like yoga with information on alternative therapies. Mum encouraged me to become a yoga teacher, and I did a teacher training course on it when I was 16. It's wonderful working with her and having her support at Sunflower Fest.

I'm in the middle of two brothers - Joseph and Fionn. We all moved into Lee's home when we were younger and have since become a tight family unit.

We are quite a creative family - mum tends to paint a lot. Joseph is about to start studying music at Stafford University and Fionn is about to study his A-levels.

There was a little resistance from mum when I decided to study music at college instead of doing my A-levels, but as time has gone on she has seen how passionate I am.

Best friend, Graham

Graham McKinstry and I became friends when I was at college, and we come from the same background which is something we have in common. He is also one of my Queen's classmates - we've studied the same subject since college. We have a strong friendship as we share a passion for music which is such a big part of my life.

My mentor, Paul Wilson

Paul is my electro-acoustic lecturer. I've never met a teacher with more passion for his subject.

He really inspires so many of us on the course to be proud of what we're doing and to keep doing it.

The person I go to for advice

That has to be Lee. He knows a lot and can give me advice on everything from car insurance to what university modules to study. I know that I can ask him anything.

My celebrity crush

That has to be Keanu Reeves. I love every single movie he's been in and his surfer-dude personality really appeals to me.

Fantasy dinner party

Most of my guests will be singers.

The first is a real favourite, Yukimi Nagano who is Swedish but of Japanese heritage.

Erykah Badu is another singer who I tend to put on if I'm ever feeling emotional.

I would like Joni Mitchell for that reason, too.

Finally, I would invite Rustin Cohle, the character Matthew McConaghey plays in True Detective. He's definitely the best character of any TV series - he's a pessimist, but you can tell he has a heart of gold.

  • Sunflower Fest runs from July 31-August 2 at Tubby's Farm in Hillsborough. For the line-up and tickets go to

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