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My People: DJ Mark Lima on his special relationships

By Kerry McKittrick

The 41-year-old DJ presents Drive on Q Radio each Friday afternoon from 4-7pm. He lives in Belfast with his wife, Linzi and their daughter Clara (four months).

My wife, Linzi

We actually met on Valentine's Day years ago. I was working in Dublin and she was interviewing one of the Big Brother winners. I ran over and interrupted her - just to wind her up.

We met again later that year at an awards ceremony - I won the award for best breakfast show and Linzi knocked it off the table and smashed it.

We got married a couple of years ago - I had the wedding in Jamaica booked and paid for, so she had seven weeks' notice even before she had said yes.

She's been my best friend since day one, 10 years ago. I know why I'm with her, but I don't know why she's with me.

My daughter, Clara

Linzi and myself found out that we were going to have a baby on our first wedding anniversary, and it's been just unbelievable.

I just wake up to smiles every day now - so far, so brilliant.

I've taken to parenthood like a duck to water, and Clara has been a textbook baby, so far - in a good way.

My best friend

John Toal and I worked together during the Nineties, when we were DJing in clubs across the Republic of Ireland.

He still lives in Armagh and is a traditional musician. We don't get to see each other as much now, but we go on holidays every now and again and have the odd night out.

My mum, Angela

My mum is a retired care assistant - she used to look after people with Alzheimer's disease. She lives in Lurgan, where I'm originally from, and loves being a granny. I also have an older brother, Neil, who has three daughters and works as a trucker.

We are a very close family, and mum still mends our clothes. When we were small, mum would sit down the night before school and start to knit. In the morning, there would be two jumpers sitting ready for us when we got up.

Mum has always been very relaxed about what I do for work. She's never had a problem with what I do for a living - I've always been able to support myself, so that was the important thing.

My mentor

John Paul Ballantine gave me my first job at Cool FM. I left for a year in Australia - the only time I didn't take his advice to stay - and he gave me a restart at Citybeat when I came back. He's a natural and knows radio so well. He's one of those people who can say very little, but teach you a lot.

Person I go to for advice

For everyday advice, the person I talk to the most, and can talk to about anything to, is Stephen Clements.

By accident, we seem to have had the same life and career paths, and ended up working side by side.

My celebrity crush

It's always been Kylie Minogue - but only if she can bake soda bread. Any man thinking of that image will go all dreamy.

Fantasy dinner party

Kylie would be there, of course, with her soda bread straight off the griddle. Then I would ask the guy who does the voiceover on Come Dine With Me - Dave Lamb - just because he's hilarious. If there was ever an uncomfortable silence around the dinner table, he would be the perfect person to break it.

Next, I'd ask Billy Connolly from around the time he was breaking onto television in the early Eighties, when he was at his funniest.

And, finally, I'd like Spiderman, the one from the Saturday morning cartoon that was on years ago.

He's always been my superhero, and the movies just weren't as good as the cartoon.

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