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Off you go Boris: it's time to let women run the show

By Janet Street-Porter

Has the moment finally come when the glass ceiling isn't just shattered, but ceases to exist? Angela Merkel, the most powerful leader in Europe, leads the way, with female prime ministers in Poland, Norway and Denmark. Hillary Clinton, favourite to become America's first female president, is on the point of choosing the respected Senator Elizabeth Warren as her running mate - a history-making double act.

Earlier this week, these two impressive women rounded on Donald Trump, who regularly mocks Warren for claiming she's part American Native, calling her "Pocahontas" or "Goofy". Warren retorted: "Want to see Goofy? Look at him in that hat", speaking of Trump's horrible baseball cap.

The idea that a sexist, racist bigot can make America anything other than a laughing-stock is risible. But back in the UK, an equally unimpressive line of male pretenders seek power amid the post-Brexit turmoil.

Nigel Farage has been swanning around Brussels spewing out insults like a used-car salesman. Boris Johnson - no doubt realising that his private life would be under extreme scrutiny - has finally come to his senses, ignoring media hype and the public adulation, and decided to bow out.

But, minus Boris, we are left with a pretty lacklustre line-up fighting to lead the Tories. If the worse thing critics can say about Theresa May is that she's austere and dreary, that's fine with me. She's got staying power, and exudes calm.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson are inspirational leaders who have brought politics back to life. Gradually, a pattern is beginning to emerge. Let women run things. We are highly skilled at achieving our goals and playing well in a team. Women have been training all their lives for this moment.

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