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People: DJ Ryan A discusses his special relationships

By Kerry McKittrick

The 28-year-old DJ, whose real name is Ryan Annette, hosts his own show on Cool FM every Friday night. He lives near Bangor.

My girlfriend, Jenny

Jenny McWilliams and I met a year ago at one of the clubs I play at in Bangor.

She was a fan of the radio show so when she heard I was DJing she came down to meet me. We became friends after that, and the rest is history.

Jenny is a classroom assistant and is also currently studying childcare. Our strange hours mean we have a lot of spare afternoons and early evenings to spend together.

My best friend

The guy I've been friends with all my life is Steven Reid. We go back to primary school and people often think that we're brothers. He's known so well in my family that he can just walk in the door without knocking.

Steven now works as a professional photographer and he does a lot of work in clubs so we run into each other quite a bit.

My parents, Kim and Stuart

My parents split up when I was younger and my dad passed away when I was 18 - he worked for a plumbing wholesalers.

My stepdad, Ian McGreechan, has been in my life since I was about 12, so he's been really important to me.

My mum Kim was quite young when she had me so it's almost like we grew up together.

I'm an only child and because it's just the three of us we're very close.

I'm also very close to my grandparents. My granny is Rosie and my grandad is known as Mo.

He's a pretty popular guy as he's the ice-cream man in his local area. We're not a massive family, so we're a pretty tight unit.

My mum and stepdad are into music and know how much it is my passion.

My mum recently told my girlfriend that it was only music that would make me happy.

My mentors

In my early stages of DJing I would often see fellow DJ Glen Pavis arrive to visit his mum, who lives around the corner from my grandparents. He always drove a nice car and I thought he had a great life.

My other mentor is fellow Cool FM DJ Paul Kennedy, as he was my doorway to getting on the radio. He asked for my demo and gave it to the station manager, so he's been a great help in pointing me in the right direction.

Who I go to for advice

That has to big Mo, my granda.

He's been everything from a milkman to an ice-cream man and has always been his own boss.

He knows a lot about life.

My celebrity crush, Rita Ora

She's looking smashing at the moment, and she also used to go out with Calvin Harris, so she must have a thing for DJs!

Fantasy dinner party

This is a bit of a lads' night out.

My first guest would be the producer and DJ Axwell. He's one of my idols in the dance music scene and I think he could share some tips over dinner.

Next, Stephen Nolan would get an invite - he's good craic and if anyone complained about the meal he would sort them out.

I'd also ask the Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges. He's the only stand-up I could sit for hours and watch, so having him at dinner after a few beers would be good craic.

Finally, I'd ask Ed Sheeran, but only if he brings his guitar for the after-party.

  • Hits NI with Ryan A is on Cool Fm, Fridays, from 7-10pm

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