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People: Micky Bartlett


The 26-year-old is a comedian and regular team captain of BBC Northern Ireland comedy panel show Monumental. He is single and lives in Lurgan.

* My best friends

I have a couple of best friends. My youngest one is Conor 'The Bear' McLernon. We met at primary school in P3. We found ourselves sitting next to each other on the first day and we both had Batman Forever schoolbags. One of us turned to the other -- we can't remember who -- and said, 'Do you want to be best friends?' and that was that. We've been mates ever since and even went to university at the University of Ulster's Magee College in Derry together. He now lives in England.

My other best friend is the comedian Colin Geddis who invented the characters Barry The Blender and Betsy McD. We met through comedy. We were doing some stuff at the BBC three or four years ago and at the time we both drank and smoked, so we would find ourselves huddling outside with cigarettes and a beautiful bromance blossomed from there.

* My parents and sister Catherine

My dad and I sound ridiculous when we're at the airport -- Paddy and Mick from Lurgan going off to England together.

My dad works at Bombardier in Belfast making airplanes and mum has just retired from the Civil Service. I still live at home and I think mum is about to teach me how to knit because we're both in the house, bored, during the day.

I also have a younger sister, Catherine, who is studying at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown. We are a very close family. Because we live out in the countryside there's only the four of us to sit around, knit and drink tea. My dad is a bit of a hippy. He takes the attitude 'Why would anyone get up and go to work in a boring job?'

On the other hand, if I told my mum I was auditioning for a £6m part in a movie she would tut.

Yet if I told her I was going for an interview for a steady job in a call centre she would be really encouraging.

She likes stability.

My parents are very happy with where I am now, though. Mum's never been to see me in a gig and my dad's only been once -- the nerves would be too much for either of them. They're big fans of Monumental, though.

* Who I go to for advice

My mother's sister Maura. She likes to drink tea, smoke and complain about things.

I go round to her house for half an hour and stay for three. You turn into an old woman and vent everything you have on your chest. Maura is brilliant for advice and she's now my superfan. She's been to three shows and is always in the front row.

* My mentor

A girl called Eavan King. When I was at university at the age of 19 or 20, I tried to do stand-up a few times, not very successfully.

Eavan was in the audience a couple of times and when she started running comedy gigs in Derry she gave me my first paid gig when I was 21.

She then give me the job of regular MC. She's been there ever since, pushing me forward and giving me lots of support.

* My secret crush is ... Lorraine Kelly

I don't even know why I like her so much, but I think it's the voice. She's like a female Sean Connery. I just find her so cute

* My fantasy dinner party

First off, I would invite Arnold Schwarzeneger. If there is Italian food. I want to hear him say 'Pasta or pizza, baby' as it sounds like Hasta La Vista, Baby.

Then I would ask Scarlett Johansson. I want to marry her and if she comes to my house for dinner then it can't be called stalking.

Next, I would ask Robin Williams but only if he comes as Mrs Doubtfire. She would take care of the washing up and have us in stitches. My final guest would be Michael J Fox; most people respect him as Marty McFly, but I'm all about the Teen Wolf.

I actually read one of his books which began with a story about how he tried to brush his teeth but couldn't because of his Parkinson's.

It was heartbreaking to read but he managed to make it funny at the same time. He's a really inspirational guy.

* Monumental returns to BBC1 NI next Friday, February 7, at 10.35pm

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