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People: Presenter Carl Kinsman's special relationships


Making waves: Citybeat presenter Carl Kinsman

Making waves: Citybeat presenter Carl Kinsman

Making waves: Citybeat presenter Carl Kinsman

The 40-year-old is a radio presenter and group head of station sound for the Q Radio Network and Citybeat radio. He lives in Newtownards with his wife Olga and their daughter Anya.

My wife, Olga

We met at a radio station where we both worked in the Republic, and we started out as just good friends. When I went to England we kept in touch and she would phone me twice a week for a chat. When I came back to Northern Ireland the first thing we did is meet up and it all happened from there.

I think Olga is a unique person. We still have lots to talk about and the ability to be silly together.

My daughter, Anya

Before Anya was born, Olga and I used to wonder if we had a baby, who the baby would take after more and what they would be like.

Now we both agree that Anya is half-and-half - she's like both of us. She's intelligent like Olga and silly like me. I'm very proud of her.

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My best friend

I have a few best friends. I met Brian Gowran when I lodged with him when I lived in the south of Ireland, and he's like a brother to me.

There's also Ken Lunn, a good friend, who has always been very encouraging in my career.

In radio, Paul Kennedy is a really good friend and also Ryan A from Citybeat.

My parents, John and Anne

My mum and dad still live in the north-east of England where I'm originally from.

My mum works in customer service and dad worked down the mines.

I'm the oldest of three with two younger sisters; Clair and Sarah and we're all still very close. My parents tend to come over to see us quite a lot.

My parents are very happy with what I'm doing, my dad, in particular, as this is what he wanted to do, but his demo tapes got turned down.

He's happy that I've succeeded.

My mentor, Dave Foxx

There's a DJ in New York who works for a really big station called Z100, his name is Dave Foxx. He's a guy you can talk to via email or phone, but he gives advice to people who do my job all over the world. He has a lot of time for everyone and he'll give you a full answer even if it's just a quick question.

Person I go to for advice

Kevin Lunn is very good at helping you out at everything in life. He's the sensible person I turn to.

My celebrity crush

I like Lindsay Lohan, but when I was a teenager I really had a thing for Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Fantasy dinner party

David 'The Hoff' Hasselhoff has been my hero since the age of seven, when I used to watch Knight Rider, so he would be my first guest.

Next, I'd invite William Shatner, he was my hero, too, from TJ Hooker. I'd also invite my first celebrity crush, Heather Locklear, who was also in TJ Hooker.

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