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People: Presenter Jason Hughes' special relationships

By Kerry McKittrick

The 37-year-old hosts the breakfast show on Northern Ireland's newest radio station, Downtown Country, and also sings as a Garth Brooks tribute act. He lives in Londonderry and has a son, Charley (6).

My son, Charley

Becoming a dad was the best feeling ever, a very exciting time. Charley's at the age where he copies everything I do.

I also perform as a Garth Brooks tribute act and there's a photo of me in the hat with my guitar and Charley with his hat on and his wee guitar, too. He loves singing.

My best friend, Davey Bell

Davey is another musician - he plays in a band in Larne.

I've known him for 15 years and he is a gentlemen.

I know that if I approached him at any time of the day or night he would drop everything to help me out.

My parents, Jimmy and Iris

My dad worked in the water service and my mum worked in factories, but she was also a singer. I also have an older brother Stephen and an older sister Glenda.

My mum passed away from cancer in 2011 and when she was getting her treatment, we realised how expensive and difficult it was for patients to travel up and down from Derry to Belfast. We set up a charity called Northern Ireland Cancer Care, providing an ambulance bus service from Derry to Belfast for cancer patients.

The whole family is involved - my dad works in the shop, I act as chairman and even drive the ambulance sometimes. I did have a proper job once as a salesman for Honda, but I've been working as a singer for 20 years now. My parents were both very proud and happy for me as I've been able to make a living at it.

My sister, Glenda

Glenda is a single mum to her daughter Megan and we get along very well.

She's always been easy to talk to and I've always admired her. She always manages to say the right things.

My mentor, Joe Dolan

I was lucky enough to play support for Joe a few years ago before he died. He gave me some great advice on how to treat people and how to be nice to people. He was a lovely, friendly man and very happy to talk to me and give me guidance.

My celebrity crush

It used to be Holly Willoughby, but now I've changed to Liz Hurley. I like her mannerisms and her accent - and the fact that she seems to be a free spirit.

Fantasy dinner party

First I would like to have President Obama. I think he's cool and funny with lots of charisma. I think he'd be good company.

Then I would ask Marie Curie because of everything she's done to help the lives of people with cancer.

It would be very interesting to meet her.

Of course, I would have to meet Garth Brooks because he is a hero of mine.

I've never met him, but I've spoken to his brother.

Finally, I would ask Billy Connolly. I love his style and his wit.

  • Downtown Country is Northern Ireland's newest digital radio station. For more information go to

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