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Personal Stories: My move to voluntary sector has been so rewarding

Pam Hunter from Nexus on her passion for helping others

Pam is the chief executive of Nexus NI, a charity providing counselling for victims of sexual abuse and rape. She recently won the Best Newcomer Award at the CO3 Leadership Awards.

Pam said: "I've worked in the charitable sector since 2006 following a lengthy career in private sector management.

"They are different worlds but the experience gained in my earlier years has been put to good use at Nexus.

"My first voluntary sector job was with the NOW Project who took a risk with me and my lack of experience in the voluntary sector.

"I was worried at first that working in the voluntary sector would involve a much slower pace and I wouldn't like it, but I'm glad to say I was very wrong about that.

"I find that the voluntary sector has a higher work ethic coupled with passion and a caring nature so it is very rewarding.

"My father had a strong work ethic which was instilled in me from my early years.

"Boredom is not a word that is part of my vocabulary so that helps too.

"I have always felt driven to help people.

"I figured that out about eight years ago after going to counselling, that doing things to help other people makes me feel better.

"My drive to help others has grown from there and I hope I will always feel that motivation."

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