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Peter Andre's awe at mum who gets babies to sleep in minutes


Peter Andre and his wife Emily talk to Lisa Salmon about meeting mums and dads with real superpowers and reveal some of their own.

Most parents will have wished for superpowers at some point after having children - not necessarily to fly or possess superhuman strength but perhaps to stop a tantrum with just one glance or get a baby to sleep in minutes.

Believe it or not, many ordinary parents do have their own real "superpowers", and TV presenter Peter Andre and his wife Emily Andrea (who took Peter's real Greek surname when they married in 2015) have been touring the UK meeting them.

Father-of-four Andre, whose youngest child Theo is just five months old, says he's enjoying hearing about other parents' superpowers, including getting newborns to sleep in minutes, through the npower Parenting Super Powers campaign, which is encouraging parents to share videos and photos of their own special parenting skills.

Indeed, Andre jokingly suggests he has a few superpowers of his own.

"I think mine and Emily's superpowers come in multitasking and team work. I'm great at feeding the baby and having a double espresso at the same time."

On a serious note, the celebrity dad adds: "My top parenting tips are always be chilled and patient, so the children don't sense you're stressed, and put them first in everything - but have a little downtime too."

The couple met a number of parents with very different superpowers during their tour but say their favourite skill was that of mother-of-two Sarah Deakin (37), a baby photographer who has the unique ability to get newborn babies to sleep in under five minutes.

"It's every parent's dream to be able to do what she does," admits Andre.

Deakin, of Yarhampton, Worcestershire, lulls the babies to sleep through lots of noise, moving them around and simultaneously reassuring them.

"Contrary to what most people think, babies usually settle better in a noisy environment," she says.

"I've found lots of talking, background music and motion sends them off. This combination seems to work for me."

Andre says: "I'm working on learning that skill. Theo is a little too old now for some of the tricks that Sarah taught us, but she's a true baby whisperer."

And Emily adds: "Having just had a baby myself, Sarah's superpower is most definitely useful during those long nights when baby just won't go to sleep."

The couple also met Lynsey Ritchie (40), a Harrow mother-of-three who teaches fun, interactive Sling Swing classes, where parents can bond with their children in slings while gently dancing.

Ritchie says: "All mums have superpowers. Offering support while teaching parents how to bond with their children are mine.

"The babies are usually lulled by the movement and music - it's amazing to have a class of 15 silent babies."

Andre says: "It's fascinating the results that can come from this unique skill, allowing parents a safe place to let loose and exercise, all the while connecting with your baby.

"I'm definitely going to be giving it a go."

The couple also got in the pool with swimming instructors and mums Kirsty Banham and Lisa Horton-Samuel from Stratford-upon-Avon, who teach children to feel confident enough in the pool to fully submerge themselves.

Banham says: "Lisa and I designed the classes not only for toddlers but for parents too.

"Our superpowers are to work with parents, teaching them a range of different movements and tricks that they can do with their toddlers to prepare them to get into the water and eventually swim."

Andre says: "I loved to see how Kirsty and Lisa managed to get toddlers to feel confident in the water. It was great taking part and watching how much fun the children and parents had, it's so infectious."

npower is championing parents' often-overlooked skills by asking them to upload a video or photo demonstrating their parenting superpower to

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