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Pete's Dragon: Rip-roaring tale turns myth to real hit

By Damon Smith

Young Pete (Levi Alexander) is orphaned in a road accident and forced to fend for himself in the forest buffering the community of Millhaven. The tearful child is rescued from a pack of hungry wolves by a green dragon, which the boy names Elliott after a character in his picture book.

For six years, Pete (now played by Oakes Fegley) and Elliott grow up side-by-side beneath the forest's lush canopy until a logging operation disturbs the peace. Pete's Dragon is a charming fantasy adventure, reworking the beloved 1977 Disney musical of the same title as a rip-roaring story of devotion between a boy and his mythical protector.

State-of-the-art special effects magically bring to life the titular behemoth - a gargantuan fluffy green beast.

David Lowery's film combines solid, old-fashioned storytelling with dazzling visuals.

Four stars

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