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Picture of the week: The faces of the slaughtered innocent

By Kerry McKittrick

These faces are just a few of those who lost their lives in the horror terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13.

Graduation pictures, profile pictures and holiday snaps show some of those whose lives were snuffed out in an instant.

These were ordinary people who, for the most part, were enjoying a leisurely Friday evening in the City of Light, having a drink with friends or enjoying some of the city's famous cuisine when gunmen burst in and opened fire. A little while later others were enjoying live music at an Eagles of Death Metal gig at the Bataclan concert venue when men wearing suicide vests entered the hall and calmly began executing the audience.

Witnesses described what ensued as a bloodbath.

At least 130 people have died at the result of the attacks that have rocked the world - many of the survivors are still in intensive care and the death toll may still rise. These 35 faces are just a fraction of those who were killed last Friday.

Among the smiling faces seen here is a picture of Nick Alexander, 35, the British man who lost his life at the Bataclan concert venue (second from right sixth row).

Originally from Essex, Nick worked as a merchandising manager for Eagles of Death Metal and was a popular figure in the music scene.

Many famous names have since paid tribute to their fallen colleague.

Since the attacks there has been a huge anti-terrorism operation across France and Belgium to hunt down those who may have assisted the terrorist.

Arrests have been made and at least three people believed to have been connected with the attacks - including the terrorist mastermind - died during a police operation in Paris on Wednesday.

People around the world have condemned the attacks and paid tribute to those fallen.

Iconic landmarks around the globe have been lit in the colours of the French flag including Paris' own Eiffel Tower seen here in red, white and blue in a show of solidarity.

But this is small comfort for the friends and families of the victims shown here, and all the others who were murdered in cold blood.

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