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Power your pedals: 6 of the best bicycle gadgets


If, like the Queen song, you want to ride your bicycle, these six tech-savvy gadgets might help power your pedals. By Keeley Bolger.

  • ImmobiTag electronic cycle protection, currently £10 (was £15), Halfords

Even the most scrupulous cyclist can fall foul of thieves, but a few precautions can make it easier to find your bike if it's stolen. Costing just £10, this tiny electronic tag fits into the bike frame beneath the seat. Register the tag online and if taken, you can change the status of the cycle to 'stolen' and the details will be updated on the Police National Mobile Property Register. Upload pictures of the bike, relevant receipts, frame numbers and descriptions on the site when you register to help identify your bike.

  • Lumos helmet, £130.44,

Launched with the help of crowdfunding platform Kickstarter last year - and a recipient of the Beazley Designs Of The Year award by the London Design Museum, the Lumos is a smart helmet with lights integrated in the front and rear. Coming with a whopping 60+ built-in lights, the helmet reacts to the speed of the cyclist, displaying a braking light as the speed tails off to alert other road users of the cyclist's intentions. One really great feature is the illuminated left and right signal. You'll need to attach the remote control (included in the pack) to your handlebars and then press either left or right before turning to trigger a flashing white light on the designated side. Each charge - via the micro USB port - should give you 30 minutes' worth of light every day for a week.

  • MIO MiVue M510 rider dash cam — Black, £129.99, Currys

Whether it's action shots or surveillance you're after, this camera, which can be mounted to helmets, should deliver. Waterproof and offering up to 150 minutes' record time - you'll need to buy a memory card and charge via the enclosed USB cable - the camera will capture journeys and has a special night vision mode to shoot in the dark. It can also be used on scooters and motorbikes.

  • Garmin Edge 520 cycle computer, £219.99, Halfords

For those who thrive off health data, this bike gizmo, attached to the handlebars, serves up stats as pedal power is detected. It will reveal speed, distance, lap speed, ascent, descent and calories burned. Once connected to a smartphone, it will also send weather updates and live tracking and stats to share - or gloat - about on social platforms.

  • Linka unisex bluetooth bicycle lock, Black, £149.99,

There's locking your bike up, then there's securing a Linka lock to your bike. Once hooked up to your smartphone, Linka senses your approach and auto unlocks as you come close. If the bike is tampered with, the bike alarm is activated - reaching an ear-splitting 100db - and notifications will be sent to you immediately. The lock is hard-mounted above the rear wheel to the frame so you'll still need to use a D-lock or similar, but if thieves do take off with it, the bike will be immobilised. Niftily enough, the app also reminds you where you've parked the bike. Charge via USB and the battery should last around nine months.

  • Rechargeable bike light set, £25, Halfords

Lights are key for cyclists. Many are battery powered but there’s now a good corner of the market offering lights that can be charged via a USB port, making at-desk charging a reality. This set by Halfords has three different modes; high, low and flashing light, and a run time of eight hours for the front light on flashing mode and five on the rear on the same sequence.

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