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Relatively Speaking: Dad and daughter, Ken Reid and Sarah

By Karen Ireland

Ken Reid is UTV's political editor. He began his career as a student at Hull University and has worked in Belfast and Cork. He lives in Ballymena with wife Sarah. His daughter, also Sarah, taught English as a foreign language before opening a pop-up restaurant in her east Belfast home with husband Keith.

Name: Ken Reid

Age: 60

Occupation: Political editor, UTV Relationship to Sarah: Father

I have worked at UTV now for 25 years and have been in my current role as political editor since 2007.

I love my job - there is never a dull moment. As you can imagine with politics in Northern Ireland, it can be frantic.

I cover Stormont and Westminster, so there is a lot of travel involved. I also have to go over to Washington DC from time to time.

I have been married to Sarah for 36 years and we have three children: Gareth, who is 32, Sarah, who is 31, and Sophie, who is 27.

We are a very close family and spend a lot of time together.

Away from work, I love nothing more than spending time with Sarah and the children. I also love walking my dogs and listening to music - I'm a Van Morrison fanatic.

I am also big into sport and support Ballymena Rugby Club. In terms of football, I support Cliftonville and Everton.

My daughter, Sarah, and I are extremely close. We both suffer from diabetes, so we share this bond. She has type 1 and I have type 2.

I was very ill a few years ago and in hospital for a long time. Though it must have been very frightening for her, Sarah was there every day and was extremely supportive.

Sarah shares my sense of humour, and we have a lot of other things in common, too. We love to go to watch Ulster play rugby together and we have the same taste in music, too.

I really admire Sarah for her tenacity. She never lets anything get her down - she just gets on with things.

She is a very optimistic person and she has always had a really positive outlook on life.

She has never let the diabetes hold her back.

She set up her own business last year, and we are very proud of her and how well she is doing - I'm very proud of all my children.

I think Sarah gets her love of good food and all things culinary from when we lived in Kinsale in Cork.

Her friends all worked in catering and she was surrounded by fine food.

We've also always been big into eating out as a family. It is a passion we all share.

Name: Sarah Patterson

Age: 31

Occupation: Owner, Little Pink Kitchen

Relationship to Ken: Daughter

Little Pink Kitchen was set up last year. It is a pop-up breakfast club in my house once a month, where people come along to have brunch. I blog and supply recipes and general information on all things food-related, too. I also provide catering for outside events of all shapes and sizes.

When I left school, I taught English as a foreign language and then I went on to work in training, eventually ending up in IT. I love what I do now with the business and would like eventually to do it full-time.

Dad and I have always been close. We both like to argue and debate and there are some very heated discussions when we get together.

Dad is very knowledgeable about almost everything and he has taught me a lot. I think I inherited my love of good food from him as it was something which was always important to him.

Dad is very passionate. Politics is his biggest passion in life. He lives and breathes it. It isn't just a job for him - it is so much more.

He is also one of the kindest people I know. He is the type of person who would be there to run you to the airport at 6am. No questions asked.

He takes a real interest in other people's lives.

Dad has the best taste in music I know. He and I would go to gigs together.

We also love going to sporting events, such Ulster rugby matches - and, of course, we love eating out. We also enjoy taking the dogs for a walk and then stopping off for a long, leisurely pub lunch.

Dad has always been supportive and encouraging of us. He completely understood and supported the fact that I wanted to open a pop-up restaurant in my own home.

Years ago, I took a notion that I wanted to take up abseiling and he drove me for hours to a place where I could abseil and waited around for me, before bringing me home again.

Neither dad nor I like to be wrong. Sadly for me, he has a real head for history and never forgets facts or figures.

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A life in journalism

Ken studied at Methodist College, Belfast, and the University of Hull, where he became involved with the student newspaper

His career in journalism began on Belfast newspapers in 1977. After a decade in the city, he moved to the Cork Examiner in 1987 and stayed for seven years, before joining UTV in 1994

He was voted News Broadcaster of the Year at the CIPR Press and Broadcast Awards in 2005 and again in 2006

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