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Relatively speaking: We catch up with partners Ruth and David

By Karen Ireland

Ruth Ellen Logan and David Rutherford, from Carryduff, married three years ago and the couple manage to combine running separate businesses with bringing up their two children, daughter Aiyana (4) and son, 21-month-old Tommy.

Name: Ruth Ellen Logan

Age: 34

Occupation: Owner of The Beauty Company and Logan Fertility Wellbeing

Relationship to David Rutherford: Wife

I've always been interested in beauty and I started my career training as a make-up artist with L'Oreal in London when I was 19. I was interested in doing theatrical make-up, but I then attended the Roberta Mechan School, where I was taught how to do all sorts of beauty treatments.

I also studied psychology which helps me tremendously in the type of work that I do now.

I have two businesses and two babies - Aiyana (4) and Tommy, who is 21 months - and both work and family keep me busy. But the children are my life and make everything worthwhile.

In December 2003, I set up The Beauty Company, which is based in Montgomery Street in Belfast.

Then, in March 2009, I brought Maya Massage, a non-invasive fertility treatment, to Northern Ireland.

I discovered it following three devastating ectopic pregnancies, and I realised that at that time no one north or south of Ireland provided the treatment, so I decided to go to America and train in it.

The pregnancies left me heartbroken and feeling like a mother without any babies.

While I was in the US training I had an epiphany and I realised that I could use my knowledge and training and help other women so that hopefully no one else would have to go through the kind of pain and heartbreak which I did.

I then researched and trained and developed the Logan Fertility Method and Logan Method Abdominal Massage which can be used alongside IVF.

I met my husband David on a night out in the Potthouse in Belfast in December 2007 and we married three years ago in April 2012.

We had a very contemporary wedding, with the focus very much on good food and drink and everyone having a good time.

David is very down to earth and strong and ambitious. He is also a great dad.

We both own businesses so we work extremely hard and we try to make any down time we have family time.

We never make plans on a Sunday which don't centre around doing things with the children.

We also have a house up in Portballintrae and love heading up to the north coast for the weekend.

We relish holidays - in fact, we are just back from a skiing holiday which was an amazing time for us all to be together.

I think the key to the success of our relationship is communication.

Our relationship works because we always make time to talk to each other about the important things.

David can let small things wind him up while I'm the opposite - if my family is okay, then I am happy.

I don't sweat the small stuff.

We complement each other that way.

Name: David Rutherford

Age: 37

Occupation: Owner of double glazing company and property developer

Relationship to Ruth Ellen: Husband

T he first night I saw Ruth in the Potthouse in Belfast, I thought she was beautiful. It didn't take me too long to ask her out. We clicked right away and I knew it was serious pretty early on.

I proposed to her one day when we were out for a walk. I got down on one knee and completely surprised her as she wasn't expecting it.

She had already picked out the ring she would like, but she had no idea when I was going to propose. We had a very modern and alternative wedding three years ago. We got married in St Anne's Cathedral and then we took over the whole of Shu on the Lisburn Road in Belfast. It was all about making sure everyone had a really relaxed day with great food and wine. We had a DJ and instead of a cake we had a cheese board. Then we honeymooned in Lanzarote with our daughter Aiyana.

Ruth is very enthusiastic and takes everything in her stride. She is extremely positive, has loads of energy and is a brilliant mum and very family orientated.

I am extremely proud of her and what she has achieved - she works incredibly hard. Running our own businesses means it can be difficult to get time together, which makes our weekends extra special. We love taking the kids out for lunch or calling into a coffee shop. We spend our weekends on the north coast, walking with the dog to the Giant's Causeway or taking the kids to the beach. And, of course, the kids love nothing better than getting to Barry's amusements in Portrush.

What winds me up about Ruth? She works a lot. I know that's the nature of the beast and why she is so successful, but she can still be on her phone at midnight, checking emails and making plans for the following day. Oh, and there's also the fact that she spends so much money on clothes and handbags!

Special massage for would-be mums

  • The Beauty Company was established in December 2003
  • In 2009, Ruth Ellen Logan, the proprietor, added Maya Massage to the range of treatments, creating a new business - Logan Fertility Method and Logan Method Abdominal Massage - helping women to conceive
  • The Logan Abdominal Massage and Logan Fertility Method can aid in treating gynaecological and digestive conditions
  • The treatment helps to guide internal organs into their right position, improves circulation and relieves physical and emotional congestion
  • The techniques combine ancient Mayan wisdom and modern scientific knowledge of the internal organs, ligaments and connective tissue

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