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Relatively Speaking: we talk to couple Neil and Liane Robinson

We ask personalities about the special family relationships in their lives

By Karen Ireland

In his free time, Bangor man Neil Robinson swaps his day job as a sales rep to pound the skins as drummer with local rock band The Sun Shadows. Married to Liane for 12 years, they have two sons, Finn (8) and Jude (4).

Neil and I had our first real date at a comedy show, The League of Gentlemen, but a lot of our early dates would have been at gigs as Neil is so big into his music and we would have gone to see a lot of Northern Soul bands.

Neil proposed to me over a pizza from the local pizza place, near the flat he was living in at the time. He just said: 'This is really nice, we should get married'. There was no romantic whisking away to Paris or anything, but it was very special and romantic to us. We got married two-and-a-half years later in Belfast Castle in a big traditional Northern Irish wedding. Then we honeymooned in Italy - in Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

Life in the Robinson household is very busy as the two boys have lots of clubs and interests while Neil and I like to socialise, and see friends and family as often as possible.

We are very close to both sets of parents and very lucky as they are very good to us. We would go on holidays with our parents from time to time, which is great and we always see them at the weekend and have family meals together.

Neil works long hours in his job in sales, so family time is very precious to us. We particularly love to get away for long weekend breaks. We have a lot of friends who live in various parts of England and Scotland and we would take weekends away to see them. We are going to mainland Spain on holidays this year and next year we are going to try a ski holiday with the boys. We plan to wait until they are a few years older and then do the Disney holiday in Florida with them when they are old enough to appreciate it.

Neil is a wonderful dad. He is great with Finn and Jude and they adore him. He is also one of the kindest, most considerate people I know. I love that he is so into his music and has his own interests.

He is also extremely handsome and good fun. He has a great sense of humour and great comic timing.

With Neil, what you see is what you get. He doesn't play to the crowd or change for people - he is very much his own person and I love that about him.

Our house is always full of music. There is always music playing, so much so that the boys are big into their music, too.

Name: Liane Robinson

Age: 38

Occupation: Programme Officer for BT

Relationship to Neil Robinson: Wife

I have been with The Sun Shadows band since January 2013. We are a rock 'n' roll band, a kind of Beatles-meets-Oasis. We played in Liam Gallagher's shop, Pretty Green, in Camden - that was a cool gig for us. The shop was packed and there were a lot of tourists coming and going, so it was great.

We also supported Scottish band The View in Belfast, which was another big gig for us. We write all our own material and it is all original. At the moment we are writing new songs and working on new material to freshen things up a bit. We launched an EP called Pictures in the Clouds last year and it has done really well.

I love being in the band. It's my hobby. While my wife goes to the gym, it is my way of relaxing.

I've always been into music - my dad is in a band, and was in bands when I was growing up. I used to work in HMV and Virgin Megastore, when it was in Belfast.

Liane and I met through a mutual friend. One of my friends was going out with one of her friends and we kept accidentally bumping into each other. Finally, I plucked up the courage and asked her out.

We have two sons, so, in many ways, Liane has three boys in the house to look after! She is an amazing mum and is wonderful with the boys. She has the patience of a saint and really looks after us all. Liane is beautiful inside and out. She is great-looking and has a wonderful personality. She knows what she wants in life and she goes after it and knows how to handle herself.

She is extremely well-organised, which she needs to be looking after the three of us. She also has a great sense of humour and is always making me laugh.

We love nothing better than spending time together as a family.

We both work extremely hard, so family time is precious. We take the boys to the cinema or the park and we love our holidays and just being together. The best part of work is coming home at the end of the day and being with my family.

Name: Neil Robinson

Age: 39

Occupation: Sales rep/drummer with The Sun Shadows

Relationship to Liane Robinson: Husband

Indie fans with a bright sound

  • The Sun Shadows were formed in 2012 by five friends who shared a love of the music of the 1990s, as well as rock and roll and indie
  •  Drummer Neil Robinson joined the band in January 2013. Other current members include Aaron Craig (vocals, guitar), Scott Wilson (guitar) and Mark Bonar (bass)
  • Songs include Until We Never Meet Again, Before your Eyes, See the Stars and No More Make Believin’
  • For details, visit or Facebook

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