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Relatively Speaking with Adrian and Kerry Kearney

We ask personalities about the special family relationships in their lives

By Karen Ireland

When it comes to finding love, a 28-year age gap wasn't a problem for husband and wife Kerry and Adrian Kearney, who met while Kerry, daughter of Radio Ulster's Wendy Austin, was working as a waitress in a cafe. The couple now have a five-month-old son, Austin, and live in the Malone area of Belfast.

I have three grown-up sons, Aaron (31), Jonathan (28) and Jason (26), so being a dad second time round to Austin is amazing. He is a blast, but I have more time to enjoy with him than when my sons were smaller and I was working long hours. I get to enjoy him with my boys as well which is wonderful and a real blessing. When I met Kerry I could see she was very talented and she started working for me at Kearney Consult. When the recession hit she took other jobs, but our relationship and friendship grew until I finally asked her out. We had no problem at all with the difference in our ages. Of course, Northern Ireland being what it is, people had something to say but we just ignored them and carried on with our lives.

We got married in 2013 on one of the hottest days of the year and we had the privilege of being married by a close family friend, Rev Tom Clarke, in the Mill House in Slane. It was an amazing day; Kerry had picked the venue as it was really retro chic and everything was perfect. We then honeymooned on the island of Capri, Italy.

We both love to travel and as soon as the wee man is up to it we are hoping to take him to Italy. We are lucky as he is an easy baby and should be a good traveller. I really admire Kerry as she is so honest and hard-working; she is a really good mother too and she has always been extremely supportive of me.

If pushed I'd say the one thing about her that drives me nuts is her compulsion for clothes shopping - she can never seem to get enough of it!

She usually starts dropping hints about October for Christmas time and I keep my ears open and my mouth shut - that way I get all my Christmas shopping done very easily!

Name: Adrian Kearney

Age: 57

Occupation: MD of Kearney Consult

Relationship to Kerry: Husband

No one could accuse Adrian and I of rushing into anything. We were friends for a long time before we started going out and then we were together about another seven or eight years before we got married. We met while I was working as a waitress in Swanstons' cafe on Belfast's Lisburn Road and Adrian would come in with clients. He was always polite and would say hello and introduce them to me. At the time I was studying art at university and was interested in business so he gave me some work. About a year later he asked me out.

The age gap has never bothered us, but it did bother the typical narrow-minded Northern Irish people who thought it was a big deal at the time and those who, when we were out, would ask if Adrian was my dad.

People who knew us and who genuinely cared were extremely supportive, though. My mum was very supportive from the off as she could see Adrian was a decent bloke and, regardless of his age, he was a lovely guy.

Adrian is very thoughtful and romantic. A couple of years ago he told me to pack a swimsuit and a nice dress for dinner as we were going away for my birthday. I didn't really think anything of it as he had already given me my presents but at dinner he gave me a card which read "We are going to laugh together and play together for the rest of our days - will you marry me?" He had the ring and everything, it was very romantic. Adrian is also very organised - he needs to be to keep me in check! On the downside, sometimes he can be a little too sensible, but I do need him to tell me when it is time to go home.

I am on maternity leave at the moment from my job as an after school primary ICT teacher. I love my work, but, boy, am I enjoying being at home with Austin!

His first Christmas was amazing. We were at my mum's house and being the first grandchild he was completely spoilt.

Things are certainly different in our lives since his arrival, but I wouldn't change anything for the world.

Name: Kerry Kearney

Age: 29

Occupation: ICT teacher

Relationship to Adrian: Wife

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